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Copy of 2HowellEichenlaub

Middle East Conflicts

elizabeth woodall

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of 2HowellEichenlaub

Middle East Conflicts
Howell Eichenlaub Israeli-Palestinian
Conflict Israel The country itself was created in 1948 Many Jews moved here after the Holocaust They have long historical and religous ties to the land dating back thousands of years Palestinians their land was given to Isreal in 1948 they do not have a county to call their own the West Bank and Gaza Strip where they were living was captured by Isreal in 1967 both the Isrealis and the Palistinians signed a historic agreement called the Oslo Accords with the US president Bill Clinton. so a palistinian government was created to govern the West Bank and Gaza Strip durng the 1948 and 1967 wars, hundreds of thousands of palestinians were forced out and became refugess in neighboring Arab countries Fighting Suicide Bombers A suicide bomber is someone who carries explosives and then kills themselves and other people in a crowded place. Why? The palestinians say that suicide attacks are the only way of fighting against the Isreali occupation, saying that they cannot match the might of the Isreali army nuclear weapons inside Iran US and the allies fear Iran is making a nuclear bomb while Iran says that they are using it for civilian and medical power sources Iran enriched uranium to a level where it could sustain a nuclear reaction before the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) agents arrived to monitor in January they refused to let IAEA inspectors take a sample of "heavy water" which is the key ingredient in plutonium The Iranian president Mahamoud Ahmadinejad made a comment about how Israel must be wiped of the map The Iraq War The Iraq War is a conflict between coalition of nations led by the US and a number of opponents in Iraq that began in March, 2003 the first stated opponet of the coalition was the government of Iraq under President Saddam Hussein During the 1990's international bans on trade with Iraq weakened it's economy in 2007 the US added 30,000 more troops to it's efforts in Iraq in a move called "the surge" Iraq claims to have dismantled all it's WOMD's Afghanistan War During the Cold War, (1945-1990) Afghanistan was important because it bordered the Soviet Union In 1989 After an expesive and bloody conflict the Soviets withdrew in defeat and a variety of Islamists and warlords took over Afghanistan Percieving the ruling mujahideen and local warlords as corrupt, a group of extreme purists known as the Taliban began a new rebellion and took power in 1996 The Taliban soon allied itself with the international terrorist group, Al-Queda, which moved it's headquarters to the country By 2006, working partly from Pakistan, had regrouped in the southern part of Afghanistan. By late 2007 the Taliban effectively controlled slightly over half the country Impact of Oil in the Middle East On August 2, 1990, Iraqi armed forces invaded Kuwait Iraq's need for money motivated the invasion of Kuwait. Iraq emerged from the Iraq-Iran War of the 1980's finacially exhausted with a debt of roughly $80 billion Unfortunetly, Hussein's plan collasped when oil prices went from $20 to $14 although relations between the two countries had been detioraton for some time it can as a surprise when iraq suddenly invaded Kuwit on the morning of August 2,1990 the Gulf chrisis destroyed Iraq's infustucture and resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of Iraqi prople The UN imposed economic sanctions on Iraq, but most significant reaction was Saudi Arabia's August 6th agreement to allow U.S. troops and aircraft on it's soil after being shown U.S. satellite photographs of Iraqi toroops near Saudi borders conflict over water water may be more important than either oil of politics Only Turkey, Iran and Lebanon have adequate rainfall for their needs because of their more northern location and/or moutainous topography Turkey has the upstream position of the Tigris and Euphrates to do whatever it likes with the flow of water. Syria claims Turkey is using this power to purposely reduce the flow of water. A filth of the population is Arab Overuse and pollution of rivers and shared aquifiers are a source of growing tension Y HHafaskjsdfjjw YYyadjfjwovinwrfdfkdjflkmsfkdjfscmwoeijklsdjflsdjflwjakald
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