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IME - Haier

No description

Lc Mx

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of IME - Haier

Group" 1998 1999 1995 1997 1999 Restructuring
company Focus on Haier's products 2000 2000 2001 2002 2004 2004 Reorganisation
in 5 divisions HAIER CASE STUDY Lea Edelmann
Zijia Tian
Huihan Fan
Stanislas d'Herbemont
Luc Michaux
Loïc Trasleglise Assignment 1 Issue to address How did Haier succeed through both their domestic and international strategies to become a global player within only 20 years? Background & Objectives Worldwide sales (2011): $23.3Bn
Rank #1 for several of its product ranges
Market share: 7.8%
Employees: >70,000 people worldwide
Network of 133,000 retailers in 165 countries Summary of findings Table of Contents 1) 1984-1994
Brand Building Phase
2) 1995-1999
Diversification Development Phase
3) 1999-2004
Internationalization Phase
4) Impacted Corporate Functions & Synergies
5) Conclusion
6) Next Steps Product growth Market growth Organic growth Inorganic growth 1) Restructuring

2) Impacted Corporate Functions (local)

3) Synergies
Competitive advantage
Know-How in management, technology, HR, capital
Brand building in domestic market 1) Restructuring

2) Impacted Corporate Functions
SCM, Production
Marketing, Production, Sales

3) Synergies
Cost savings
Learning from difficult markets
Start of international brand building 1) Restructuring

2) Impacted Corporate Functions
Local: nearly all HQ functions
Global: Sales/distribution

3) Synergies
International brand building
Technological innovation
Learning from international experience for domestic market
Cost Reductions Impacted Corporate Functions
and Synergies Conclusion Next Steps Debate Could the Haier case serve
as a role model for
Western companies? Growth
Patterns Fast domestic
& international
development Synergies Restructuring Thank You Haier did everything at the same time with a lot of speed
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