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No description

Nicole TJY

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of FUTURISM

Involvement of
strong, bold and luminous
For example:
"Sky = Pilot"
Plenty of shapes like cones and curve lines.
More cool colours than warm colours.
Unique shapes are used
Our Artwork
Futurism artist is known as a
follow their own moods.
loved speed, noise, machines, pollution, and cities.
the exciting new world in the future vs. boring modern world.
reject anything old, fond of new ideas.
a 20th century
dynamic art movement

launched by
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
in 1909.
representation of dynamic reality in a technological age.
emphasizes on
contemporary concepts of the future.
influenced many modern art movements of the 20th century.
What is
What are the
of a
About Futurism Painting
Information about
Gino Severini
born on 7 April 1883
painter from Italy
leader of the futurist movement

Why was he chosen?
his paintings look very attractive and dynamic
inspired by the way he painted his drawings
distorted (in a good way) and mysterious
gives us plenty of space to imagine
Done By : Ng Chian Ywee (17) & Nicole Tan Jia Yun (19)
Faith 2-3 2014
3 Artworks by Gino Severini
Title: Dynamism of a Dancer
Year: 1912
Title: Mare = Ballerina (Sea = Dancer)
Year: 1914
Title: Arrival
Year: 1913
Sea = Dancer
Why did we choose this painting?

used warm&cool colours
used different kinds of shapes
a puzzle-liked artwork
painting through divisionism
Thank you for your kind attention
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