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Unintended Consequences of Cell Phone Usage

No description

Sherbie Carson

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Unintended Consequences of Cell Phone Usage

of our cultural addiction to cell phones
Unintended Consequences

Social Consequences
Interpersonal Consequences
Physical Consequences
Do you suffer from NOMOPHOBIA ?
Cell Phone Users
* 56 % of Americans (18+) own a Smart Phone

* 35 % own a standard cell phone

* 9% do not own a cell phone
“People view their smartphones as an extension of themselves, taking them everywhere they go – from the shower to their commute, from the dinner table to the bedroom,”
"Nomophobia- fear of being without your smartphone- affects 40% of the population."
Dr. Dale Archer, Psychology Today
"I Forgot My Phone", by Charlene deGuzman
Featured on NPR: AllTechConsidered
-- Marc Barach, chief marketing and strategy officer, Jumio.
Interpersonal Consequences
Dangers of Cell Phone Use
* In Maryland nearly 3,000 pedestrians are hit by vehicles annually, 100 of those are fatally wounded
Public Safety "Road Scholar" Campaign, JHU - Baltimore
Sherbie Carson ~ COM 2950
Social Consequences
Physical Consequences
More people are injured from cell phone use while walking than while driving.

~ Accident Analysis and Prevention, August 2013, Ohio State University
Social & Interpersonal
Increased Connectivity, Networking
Increased Productivity
(reduces unnecessary trips)

Safety - Emergencies
Faster EMS response time

Social & Interpersonal
Bullying Decreased Quality of Comm. Decreased level of engagement Decreased face-to-face comm. skills
Unknown Health Risks
Starting today, October 1, 2013 - Operating a cell phone while driving is now a Primary offense in Maryland.
~ Pew Research Center, Internet & American Life Project
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