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Justin Wesen

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Alex Rider STORMBREAKER

Alex Rider
By: Anthony Horowitz Chapter 1 Funeral voices At 3:00 in the morning police came to the front door of the house and Alex knew it was going to be bad news. The police said his Uncle Ian Rider was not wearing a seatbelt and got into a major car crash. Alex knew this was incorrect because he always wore his seat belt. He started to wonder if the police were lying. If so, why would they? Alex wants to find out more. Heaven for Cars Chapter 2 Alex did not believe what he heard because he knew his uncle better than anybody. At school the next day he was thinking about his uncle. At the end of algebra class Alex asks his teacher if a car crashed, would it go to a junkyard nearby? His teacher said, "Most likely." so after school Alex decides to take his bike to the nearest junk yard and look for his uncles blue BMW. He finds it in a line ready to be crushed. There were bullet holes on the side of the vehicle with broken window glass. He gets inside and finds blood stains on the leather seats and concludes that Ian Rider got shot. Upon leaving the junkyard there are guards and he has to get passed them. The guards see Alex and Alex, being a blackbelt in Karate, fights them and escapes. Chapter 3 Royal and General The day after Alex finds the car in the junkyard the Royal & General Bank calls to see if Alex can come for a visit after school. Alex talks to Alan Blunt, the chairman of Royal & General Bank. They talk about Ian Rider and how he was a good man. Alan Blunt says he has to go talk to the manager of the bank. Alex knew that his uncle’s office was right above where he was sitting. Alan Blunt watches Alex through a security camera. Alex climbes out of the window and up the brick wall to get to Ian Rider’s porch. He notices that the porch door is open and gets in through there. He looks through some papers and then Alan Blunt walks in and says, “Impressive.” Chapter 4 "So what did you say?" Alan Blunt saw what Alex was capable of from seeing how he got into his uncle's office. Alan Blunt is the director of MI6 (a Secret spy agency) and wants to recruit Alex as a spy. When Alex was found in his uncle's room the MI6 agency took him downstairs to talk. They asked Alex to join MI6 but Alex refused. They started to blackmail Alex saying his house keeper would have to go back to the USA because her Visa card was about to expire. He agrees to take the assignment this one time only because he wants to be a soccer player and a school boy. They tell him his mission and give him a badge. Chapter 6 Toys arent us Chapter 6 Toys aren't us Alex is going to need a weapon to go to Port Talon alone. MI6 and Alan Blunt agree that Alex is not old enough to be equipped with a gun so they have to give him some gadgets. Smither’s is a fat man that makes gadgets for MI6. He gives Alex a bunch of different gadgets like a Ds with heat sensors and a camera. Alex has already been through lots of training with the military that worked with MI6 so he is prepared for this mission. Chapter 8 Looking For Trouble Alex is sent to Port Talon and is put in his uncle's room where the StormBreaker facility is located to investigate. The StormBreaker is a supercomputer that schools will use for an extra boost in learning. While Alex is in the room he finds a map of lines on a piece of paper and asks M16 about it. However, M16 couldn’t make any sense of it so Alex keeps it. Since Alex is in a suspicious building, he decides to look around and see if he can discover anything else but he gets caught by guards in the building and escapes with the excuse that he needs to go to the bathroom. Alex's mission is to go undercover as a teenager who will test the StormBreakers computer system for the first time. Chapter 11 Doze Mary Mine Alex takes the map he found in the StormBreaker facility to the library and asks the librarian about what his uncle could have been researching most of the time. The librarian said he was always looking into mines and underground tunnels. The librarian gives him the most recent book he checked out and it has a picture of a mine that has the same outline of the paper his uncle hid in his room. The mine was called Roze Mary Mine. Later that day Alex goes and finds the mine and goes into it and finds a scuba diving suit and uses it to get to the other side of a huge under water lake. When he gets there he finds a door to a huge underground building that was constructing the StormBreakers facility. He gets caught by some guards and is taken into custody. hi Chapter 13 The School Bully When Alex found the StormBreaker facility underground, he found that they were putting samples of small pox in the StormBreakers so when they are turned on, they will distribute lethal small pox into the air so it would kill people that inhaled it. When Alex was caught looking at all of this stuff and taken to a chair with handcuffs behind it so he was stuck to the chair. Hared Syle was the director of the project and he was going to do this because he was a poor by living in Cairo and when he came to the us he was bullied because he could not speak English correctly and now he wants to get his revenge. Eleven'o Clock Chapter 15 Alex was put in Mr. Syle’s jellyfish tank and gets out from putting metal-eating gel on the metal corners of the tank and the water tank explodes with the jellyfish right in Mr. Syle’s assistant’s head. Alex needs to get to the governors Building fast before the StormBreakers were activated and would kill many people. He sees a helicopter taking off and also sees an ATV with the keys in the ignition. He gets on the ATV and accelerates towards the helicopter with Jeeps firing guns at him and then he remembers he has the grappling hook yo-yo and through it on to the helicopter and gets in that way. He threatens the pilot with a knife to fly him there and he dose and takes the pilots gun. Chapter 16-17 Twelve'o Clock - Yassen Once the pilot gets to his destination, Alex fly’s out with a parachute breaking the glass at the top of the building and shooting the governors hand before he can hit the activation button. He makes Mr. Syle get on the ground with a gun pointing at him while MI6 helps Alex as for they were supervising the activation. He yells and says that the computers are infected with small pox in them so it would kill everybody when they were activated. Syle gets away from a helicopter that picks him up. MI6 took samples of the small pox and it was lethal. Alex went above his expectations and saved the world.
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