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College Presentation

College presentation

Ericka Barroso

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of College Presentation

The Road to the Perfect College Fit College Presentation First Choice Other Choices: And yet another one: Double click anywhere & add an idea -Acceptance rate: 19%
-All students who audition considered for scholarships
-Student loans available
-Presidential Scholarship available for 7 outstanding students who audition
-Located in 1140 Boylston St Boston
-Offers over 12 Majors including Songwritting, Composition, Music Therapy, and Performance.
-Aid offered to international students as far as payment of tuition and even audition(required) locations. FACTS: The Sticker Price:
-Overall cost of attendance:
drops from 58,635 to 33,030 when subtracting the suggested personal expenses, prior to a scholarship or student loan and the offered student job opportunities in campus. Facts: -44% acceptance rate
-students from 150 different countries -55,353 cost of tuition with an 80% scholarship opportunity for students
-Located in northwestern Washington D.C. American University offers aid to its international students. All scholarships and aid percentages are based on performance in the required audition. Facts: -Considered one of the top 30 music schools in USA
-Located in NY, NY
-44%acceptance rate
-Aid offered for international students. While the tuition price borders
on 50thousand dollars, using
a net price calculator the price
after a scholarship is lowered to
an estimated $23,369. Brown University And Other Colleges..... Why I chose to include this one:
-Majors related to writting
-college of music with Berklee teachers
-45,000 tuiton fee
-10%acceptance rate
-Providence,RI NYU, department of music -35% acceptance rate
-New York
-Application through audition process for music section
-27,262 Barnard College -Located in NY, Broadway
-partnership with Columbia University
-23%acceptance rate
-Music Majors, same application process
-20,125 per semester
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