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4.06 Outlining your argument

No description

Bryonna shaw

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of 4.06 Outlining your argument

Introducing a soda ban is a very risky and touchy topic. Mr. Bloomberg is seeking to reduce the obesity rates by proposing a soda ban on drinks larger than 16 oz. to the New York City Board of Health which they later rejected by Final Court.
Counter point A:
Present first counter point- The people affected by this ban will make excuses of why they aren't eating healthy.

Support first counter point - Americans consume a lot of sugar, not just sugary drinks.
The New York soda ban is a non effective plan that will not resolve the issue of obesity and to show healthy living. I understand that some people may disagree with me for the ban of large sodas can help someones drinking habits. Mayor Bloomberg's idea is proven wrong because there are more factors that cause obesity. More research needs to be done to figure out how to help resolve the issue.
State your claim
The New York soda ban is a non effective plan that will not resolve the issue of obesity and to show healthy living.
Second rebuttal- If the mayor wanted to resolve obesity he would have banned all unhealthy thing other than one.
Support rebuttal- Soda shouldn't be the only thing banned.
4.06 Outlining your argument
By: Bryonna Shaw
Body part 1
Point A: Make your first point- Citizens of America will make their own decisions on what they want to consume/buy regardless of a ban.
Support your first point- Americans that are already obese will continue to consume what they like even if there is a ban on it.
Support counter claim- This ban will show people how unhealthy soda is and help them cut down sugar products.
Body part 2
state first rebuttal- This ban is not as big of a solution as the mayor thinks.

support rebuttal- The citizens will find a way around the ban.
Point B: Make your second point- there are other factors that tie in with obesity not just soda.
Support second point - Sugar isn't the only thing that causes obesity. Greasy items in fast food restaurants are a big contribution.
Counter Point
State second counter claim- Due to the amount of sugar in drinks like soda, a ban on them will bring the number of obese cases down significantly.
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