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S.S Project

No description

Goshang Vang

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of S.S Project

Goshang A.Vang and
Nacha M. Vue Norway... Sweden... Geography Economics Behavioral Science Geography Economy Political Science Behavioral Science Geography Behavioral Science Political Science Iceland... Total Land area: 103,000 sq km Religion - Evangelical Lutheran 86% (State Church), Protestant and Roman Catholic 3%, other 1% and none and unknown are about 10%.
Official language, Norwegian, it's over 99% (4.3m of the population of Norway).
Minority language includes 0.2% of Finnish in the population.
Two different type of written forms, Bokmal (Book Norwegian), and Nynorsk (New Norwegian).
National holiday is constitution day, 17 May. Freedom is 70.5
GDP 183 billion (2004 est)
GDP - Growth rate 3.3% (2004 est)
Electricity wasted - 107.4 million (2004)
Oil - production - 3.31 million bbl/day (2004)
Labor force - 2.38 million (2004)
Export - 76.64 million (2004 est)
Export partners - UK 22.4%, Germany 12.9%, Netherlands 9.9%, France 9.6%, US 8.4%, Sweden 6.7% (2004)
Import - 45.96 billion (2004) Prime minister - Jens Stoltenberg
Jens Stoltenberg - senior in the government. He’s in charge in coordinating, and leading the government works.
Government type is constitutional monarchy.
Norway has a king instead of a president.
King Harald V
Born on February 21, 1937
Only son of King Olav V and Princess Martha.
King Olav V died on January 17, 1991.
King Harald V was sworn to be title as king on his father death. Norway land area is slightly larger than Mexico.
Total land is 324,220
Land area is 307,860
Water area is 16,360
Capital - Oslo
Population - 4,593,041
Climate - Along the coast it's cold, cold summer, rainy year-round in the west coast. Total Land Area- 158,927 sq mi
Population- (2012) 9,103,788
National Resource- Zinc, Iron, Copper, Silver,
Timber, Uranium, Hydro power
Is in the Northern Europe and it boarder Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat, and Skagerrak, between Finland and Norway.
Coastline: 3,218 km Freedom is 72.9
Ranked the 18th richest in 2013 of economy.
Increased to 1.2 since last year.
GDP official exchange rate - 520.3 billion (2012 est)
GDP - growth rate - 1.2% 2012, 4% 2011, and 5.9% 2010.
Agriculture - products: barley, wheat, sugar, beets, meat, and milk
Exports - 177.6 billion (2012)
Exports - partner: Germany 10.4%, Norway 9.3%, UK 7.4%, Denmark 6.5%, Finland 6.4%, US 5.5%, Netherlands 5.2%, France 4.8%, Belgium 4.7% (2011). Scandinavia; IceLand, Norway, Sweden Bibliography Our trip to: Climate: windy, mild, winter; damp, cool, summer Location: Lies between the Arctic and the Atlantic Ocean
Regions: There are 8 regions in Iceland; the name for each regions are - Hofuoborharsvaeoi, Suornes, Vesturland, Vestfiroir, Norourland Eystra, Austurland, Suourland
National Resource: the are 3 national resource in Iceland which is- 1.)Fisheries 2.)Renewable Energy 3.)Water Coastline: 4,970 km Iceland is bigger then England and Scottland Economics Things that we'll bring for our trip is... Goshang's Things: NaCha's things:
Shoes Political Science The Regions of Iceland... President: Olafur Ragnar Grimsson Government: Parliamentary republic Capital: Reykjavik Population: 319,000 (2011) Languages: mostly spoken are Icelandic English,
Nordic Language and the German Widely
History: In 1262-1264, Iceland came under Norwegian. In 1874, Icelanders obtain their own constitution.
The capital Reykjavik means “smoky bay”
currency: Icelandic króna GDP: $12.4 billion, 3.1% growth,
-0.2% 5 year compound annual growth,
$38,061 per capita....( GDP= Gross Domestic Product )
Iceland economics freedom is 72.1,
and Iceland is making their economy the 23rd freest in the index(2013); also is ranked the 13th out of the other countries in Europe . Religions: Lutheran Church of Iceland
80.7%, Reykavik Free Church 2.4%, Harfjorour Catholic Church 1.6%, Roman Catholic Church 2.5%, other religions 3.6% and unaffiliated 3%(2006)
Holidays- Independence Day, June 17
(the national holidays in Iceland)
Literacy Rate- 99%(2003 est.) Capital: Stockholm
Government: Hereditary monarchy,
Parliamentary system, Constitutional monarchy, Representative democracy, Unitary state, Multi-party system
Population: 9,029,000 million
Official language: Swedish Language
Sweden is the 3rd largest in Europe
n 2006, Sweden was ranked second in the European Union, also Sweden has the smallest gender employment-rate gap in the developed world, with only 4% more men in employment than women. Is slightly larger than California.. Religions- Lutheran 87%, Roman Catholic, Drthodoxm, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist.
Sweden have a lot of forests. Their home is very bright and some house are made of beautiful woods.
Education is very important to Sweden.
Most children starts school on the age of 6 or 7.
Government funds the school, books and sometime lunch.
Sweden love singing. Folk music and folk dancing is still popular in Sweden.
Sweden like to do woodcrafts.
Midsummer's Day - June 22
Whit Sunday - May 19 Clothes
Cell phone
Notebook & Pencils & Fountain pen
Ipod Budget June 13 to July 3.
Madison to Reykjavik, Iceland.
Flight cost - $1308.77
Reykjavik Residence Hotel
Budget for hotel - $441
Reykjavik to Oslo, Norway
Flight cost - $551
The Thief - $863.96 Oslo to Stockholm, Sweden.
Flight cost - $134
Hotel Rival - $321
Stayed at The Thief for one day - $338.44
Went back to Reykjavik and stayed at Reykjavik Residence Hotel - $269
$330 - spent on trips Reykjavik Residence Hotel The Thief Hotel Rival Hotel Rival NaCha's
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" ." TusenFryd Amusement Park. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2013. History 1700, a coalition of Russia, Poland, and Denmark united against Sweden and by the Peace of Nystad (1721) forced it to relinquish Livonia, Ingria, Estonia, and parts of Finland.
In 1982, the Social Democrats resumed power under the leadership of Olof Palme, who was assassinated by an unidentified gunman in 1986.
2002, Swedish voters again returned the Social Democrats to power, this time with an increased percentage of the vote. Sweden has deregulated many sectors of its economy while retaining its welfare state, and the country has experienced steady growth since the mid-1990s. Tourism Drottningholm Palace, Sweden, is the home of the royal family. The palace have very beautiful rooms also back in 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and have a beautiful baroque park.
Gallerian Mall - The first and largest galleria. Over 80 stores under one roof top.
Arirang - A Korean restaurant. The restaurant is small and it has a homey and friendly atmosphere. Tourism The Northern Light- Iceland is the
perfect place to see the Northern Light, and
it had the perfect view.
Geysir- Is one of the most famous and well known
Iceland hot springs areas located in Haukadalur, and Geysir, hot spring ejects a water column about one hundred and eighty feet into the air. Is located in Taupo Volcanic Zone.
Vik Beach-located in the southern part of Iceland
Vik Beach was nominated one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth in 1991. Bibliography NaCha's
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"Travel Advisor Tips." Travel Advisor Tips Top 10 Iceland Hot Springs To Visit Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Apr. 2013. <http://www.traveladvisortips.com/top-10-iceland-hot-springs-to-visit/>. Tourism Oslo Opera House was designed by Snohetta. It took the five years to built it. They let visitor walk on top of the roof.
TusenFryd Amusement Park - Have 30 fun attraction. Have great game, stories, places to eatand a 5D haunted house.
Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower - Historic landmark in the Norwegian. The museum present 4,000 years of skiing history.
Fram Museum - The Polar Ship Fram - The strongest wooden ship that was ever built and the ships still hold records. In the museum you get to how the crew and their dogs survive in the cold. History\ World War II 1940 to 1945 - Norway was control by Germany.
Most of towns, factories and buildings were blown up by bombs.
Germany soldiers invaded Norway on April 9th 1940.
There were short battles in some country but in few day after the last battle Germany gain control Norway.
The king and government fled to London in UK to discuses about resistance. Total Budget: 4,557.13 Goshang's
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