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Choice Theory

No description

Stew Nancarrow

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Choice Theory

Manual Doors Manual Manual To clean the troubles, wash the pain away, see the future, to see happy thoughts and to see a better way. Students Understanding of the
Choice Theory Car. Doug's New Body Parts When you need to show which path you are going to take. You can say "I want to just stay by myself" and you can explain "I am not feeling that good, can you please leave me alone" Indicators Checklist Should I just get some water, take a deep breath and try to play again? Do I want to be alone? Make sure the other person knows where you are going so you don't crash. Should I act happy or sad? Windscreen Wipers Checklist Do you need to wipe your problem away?
(New Thinking) Do you want to see the future? Do you have anything jamming your wipers from working? Do you need a new set of wipers? Did you have a bad past? Spare Wheel Checklist If you are sad you can always get your spare wheel. If you are mad you can get your madness feeling and put on a fresh feeling.
If you are flat, you can get going again. Your spare wheel recovers you. Do I need to use a spare wheel? Do I need a spare wheel? What do you do when you are hurt? Spare Wheel Checklist Manual What do I really want? What other ideas have I got? Should I do this or not? If you have a flat tire and you need to go somewhere. In real life, it is a background plan. E.g. you are going to get a new pencil case, but they have sold out so you get a different one. Manual Checklist If you are scared you can lock your doors. This is like walking away or ignoring.
It keeps you safe so you don't loose your way.
You can adjust your window for your comfort, which is like taking a minute and listening to yourself.
If you feel unsafe, you can talk to other cars/passengers or talk to people you trust. Do I feel uncomfortable? Am I willing to put myself in danger? Would I rather be safe or sorry? Are you making the right decision? Fuel Manual Checklist Fuel gives you energy and power. When you are hungry, fuel is the key. There is lot's of different types of fuel, for example: Water, juice and milkshakes. We have these drinks to make us better and feel happy. Do I need to have a break? Do I need to pull over and rest? Do I need to eat or drink something to fill up my fuel tank? Should I waste my energy or fill it up again? Should I change my attitude or should I repair the one I have now? Should I go to the shop and buy some food or should I eat what I have now? What is the best food for me? The choices that you are going to make, the indicators show you what road you are going down. So people get out of the way if you are angry. If you look after the indicator it will look after you. The indicator tells the other people where you are going. Do your indicators work? What road do you need to turn to? Do other people understand? Am I making the right choices? What road do you want to turn to? Engine Manual Checklist The engine gets the car running and ready. It gives the car power to work. It has the most power in your car. Is it broken? What if there is not enough food source? What if there are no parts left? Is the engine leaking? Is there any parts missing? Gear Stick Manual Checklist The gearstick is for your behaviour. Whenever you change the gear you are changing your behaviour as well. When you are angry you can change your gear stick. It will let you cruise along and the gear stick is very important.
Because instead of staying in one type of behaviour forever, you can change it. When do I change the gear stick? What if the gear stick stops working? Am I in the right gear or the wrong gear? You have to eat healthy to make the engine work. If you don't eat or drink your engine will stop. If you don't refill then your engine will stop. Eat fruit and vegetables to make your engine go. You need to think of the food that will and won't make your engine run. You have to refill the engine every day. Should I eat unhealthy? Should I not eat? What should I eat to make my engine run? Accelerator Manual Checklist It is the thing that lets you walk away from your problems.
If you are in an argument then the accelerator lets you get out of it.
You chose a lane and go down it to get away. Do I need to walk away from my problems or create more? Do I need to fight my problems away or stay calm? If the person annoying you carries on, what is the best choice you can make? Passenger Seat Manual Checklist Helps a friend with what ever they need.
Gives the friend what they needs when they need it. Have you got any ideas to help me? I am struggling, can you help me? To give the friend what they need to help them. Passenger Door Manual Checklist Opening the door is like getting back into your head. What if my passenger door does not close? What if something is annoying you so much you don't want to close your mind? Is my engine working? Is there any parts missing? Is my engine broken? Is the engine leaking?
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