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Into the Wild Analysis Ch. 8-10

No description

Michelle Whang

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Into the Wild Analysis Ch. 8-10

Into the Wild Analysis Ch. 8-10
Chapter 8
- Comes from a Russian book teaching self-development
- Let their imagination overwhelm and blind them
- Overconfident about the situation
- Those with creativity should use their talents in moderation
- Tone: presumptuous, idealistic

- Ernest Hemingway- The story explores the destructive qualities of war which is countered by the healing and regenerative powers of nature.
- Life is a war
- Severe cases are made worse by wilderness (Waterman- experiences divorce, abandonment, Bill brother disappears, lost 8 friends at least, used nature as a means of death)
- Tone: scathing, Alaska is a deathtrap
Harrison Khoo
William Lin
Michelle Whang
Rohun Gupta

Pg. 70
Chapter 9
Letter from Everett Ruess, adventurer similar to Christopher McCandless
Pg. 87
Saw suffering in the harsh wilderness and solitariness as a kind of beauty
Nature changes mindset and city life becomes a distraction
Pg. 87
Chapter 9 Quotes
"To descend into the confines of the canyon, however, is to arrive in another world" (Pg. 88)

"The peculiar thing about Everett Ruess was that he went out and did the things he dreamed about, not simply for a two weeks' vacation in the civilized and trimmed wonderlands, but for months and years in the very midst of wonder..." (Pg. 90)
Chapter 8 Quotes
"Same story: Idealistic, energetic young guys who overestimate themselves, underestimated the country, and ended up in trouble." (Pg. 71)

"The pursuit of knowledge, he maintained, was a worthy objective in its own right and needed no external validation." (Pg. 74)

Chapter 10
Mormon Country, a novel written by Wallace Stegner about pioneering Mormons and the American West.
Author explains that people should not criticize Everett Reuss's view on nature.
Compares Ruess to John Muir, a naturalist
- Language: vague, impartial
- Relates to Sam and how the newspaper article did not help. Too vague (Quote 1).
- Newspaper hindered, rather than helped (Quote 2).
- Story relates to McCandless
Chapter 10
"It didn't occur to me that the hiker might be Chris. Never even crossed my mind. It's ironic because when I read the article I thought, "Oh, my God what a terrible tragedy. I really feel sorry for the family of this guy, whoever they are." (101)

"As a consequence, the troopers were swamped with calls... so they were even less receptive" (100)
"In Alaska you get used to strange stuff happening." (Pg. 81)
Tone: Rebellious, reverent towards nature
Tone: Serious, Defensive
Pg. 98
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