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Senior Project A Career as a Nurse.

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jamie ratliff

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Senior Project A Career as a Nurse.

When I first began this project I intended on showing and telling what nursing college, and a career as a nurse is like. But unfortunately when I called my local hospital and health centers, they told me their facility could not accomadate my needs, or that they have a strict privacy policy. I was seriousley bummed out, I did not expect that kind of reaction, I though they would be happy to help out a senior with their senior project, but I suppose not. So as much as I wanted the experience nurses on the job at a hospital, and to be able to use the pictures for my senior project, it just was not able to happen.. Thankfully I got an oppotunity to get a hands on experience on what nursing college would be like with my Mentor Tracy Jividen. Mrs. Jividen Graduates May,8,2011, she will be recieving her associates OF science degree in nursing. Once she graduates she will be going into obstetrics.

This is me and Mrs. Jividen out side of the medical building at a local college. Mrs. Jividen showed me the medical building on the campus map before we made our way there. Right when I got up to the college it looked beautiful, way better than high school. : ) I found out the name of the Dean of health occupations on the directory, and the room number of a class I will soon walk to a lot. I also got a little preview of all the classes they offer there at the college. These are nurses in training, they are still in their first year of college, Right now they are in their fundementals of nursing class. Next year I will be in one of those seats. It is very exciting!! The students were nice enough to demonstate a lab, here they are checking the vitals of the dummy they call " Tom Cruse" This is another one of the nursing students, also taking vitials signs, ny checking the heartbeat. Here the nurses in training are checking toms temperature, it was a normal 98.6 degrees. Here the students are taking Tom's bloodpressure with a Sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope. I learned that to check vitals this way you start by pumping the bulb up to about 180 then you slowly release the valve note when you first hear the pulse, this is the systolic pressure. Once the pulse goes away, this is the diastolic pressure.
Here the students are checking Tom's respiration This is me becoming intrigued with the birthing dummy. I got to find out all about how it works. It even has a fake umbilical cord that you cut. They all have diffrent senarios, this dummy is programed to over bleed during pregnancy. This is me in the Pediatrics center. The dummies act so real, and everything is set up just like a hospital. There is even a closet with fake meds, just like you would find at a hospital. It's almost like their getting the real experience. This is me taking the blood pressure of one of the dummies, I am using the technique that I learned earlier. This dummy is programed to act out a number of medical senarios. This is the wall of past graduating registered nurses. Mrs. Jividen and her class will fill the next empty sqare come may. One day me and my class will be up on this wall. This is an exhibit they have in one of the offices on campus. In five years they will be celebrating forty years of teaching nursing at the college. This is the college store, where I as Mrs. Jividen said, " Will be buying some very expensive books. Not to mention all the little study tools and guides that will help you greatly. These are a couple of the many textbooks that Mrs. Tracy has bought, and that I will one day have to buy. After we went to the bookstore, we left that college.... but I knew that I would soon be back. This experience at the college was one of the most influential I've had regarding my choice of career. I know now having seen what I have ahead of me that becoming a nurse and beyond is the right career choice for me, and without this process of the senior project I would still be going back in forth between career choices, but now my mind has set it in stone, and I can already see myself at the college and the childrens hospital. Jamie Ratliff
Senior Project Product
A career as a nurse This project did not cost very much.
I would estimate ten dollars for the ride to the college, five dollars for the ink I used in my scrapbook, and ten dollars for the scrapboo. So the total estimated cost is $25.00 plus a lot of time that I put into the project.
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