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Violence in sports

No description

Delano Boyce

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Violence in sports

Violence in sports
What is meant by Violence in sports
Violence in sports is basically any physical acts committed beyond the normal level of expected contact
Take a look at this and tell me what you see
What do you notice in the video?

There are two theories that are believed to cause brawls in sports,
1. Human instinct
Does it effect the audience?
No, like I said its normal to have fights in any sports event. We, the audience, see fights regardless if its involved in a sport or not. The audience knows that fights are due to competitive nature and the want to win. The only affect that I've noticed is that, when the fans start cheering for a fight, it can make the visiting team feel out of sorts. That can change the game and make the home team ride the momentum to victory.
Is it good or bad?
Personally, I think it is fabulous. Fights give us, the audience, something to get pumped up about. Its like the something extra you get that makes you excited . Its like when you pay for a movie and you get free popcorn.
During that fight the crowd showed the same type of emotion that Byiombo did which sparked the Raptors to win game 3 of the NBA Play offs with the score 84 - 99
Does it effect the audience? pt2
Fans have a thirst for violence and studies show that , within limits, as aggression goes up, so does the viewership. Basically that means more money for network because they can charge more for commercials.
History Time
Since at least the time of ancient Roman gladiators fights and chariot race, sports have incorporated and element of danger, with strong enthusiasm from crowds in response to violence
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