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No description

Jonathon Burt

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of COWS

That pic shows that it is easier for the calf to drink the milk when it is lower so.....
So when you have your own
calf you need to make sure when
you bottle feed it/them you do it
lower or they will choke.

Breeds of livestock
Dairy Cows
A dairy cow is, a cow that makes all of our dairy products,they also produce gallons of milk each day. Through out the United States there was 90 million cows. Dairy cows produced 82.9 of milk in 2007 and kg 52.6 billion kg in 1950. Dairy cows are usually just black and white.
Angus cows are ether solid black or red,under can sometimes be white. Now days we separate the red Angus and the black Angus. The black Angus is called the beef cows, and the red Angus are just called red Angus cows.
Young Cows
Heifers are young cows before they have there first calf.
A steer is a young bull before they raised for beef.
Thank you for watching
my presentation!!!
By, Julia
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