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Tips to Stay Above Water in Eng101

No description

Cassidy Yo

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Tips to Stay Above Water in Eng101

Tips to Stay Above Water in Eng101
Canvas rules for life from le Cass
Canvas, this will become your life at OC. Learn it. Memorize it. Love it. Breathe it. Dream it.
Grammarliscous by Mindy!
Hey look, you should be passing Eng 101, or at least have your floaties!
Cassidy, Scotty, and Mindy
A word from Scotty Mac!
You're failing? You are scared you will fail?
Let us help you pass with these tips/rules.
How to avoid Prof. King from saying this:
Eng. 101 homepage.
Get used to seeing this!!
DOWNLOAD and PRINT out the syllabus. LEARN the expectations. MEMORIZE the due dates, months ahead of time. If you have not printed this out, GET OFF this Prezi and do it, NOW.
MODULES. This is important! What do I need to read this week? MODULES. What are we doing this week? MODULES. Where can I find resources to help with this essay? MODULES. I missed today's class, where can I find what we did or was due today? MODULES.
Grammar Tip #1: Do not use contractions in academic writing.
Grammar Tip #2: Remember to use a formal voice. Do not use "I" or "You" in academic writing.

Grammar Tip #3: Know grammar websites, they will become your best friend.
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