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No description

Sharayah youngblood

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of LA

Sharayah Youngblood
15 April 2010
Language Arts/Period #1
Presenting A Quote


"If you dont know where you are going then any road can take you there."
-Lewis Carroll Background Infomation

Lewis Carroll was an english author, mathemmatian, logician, and a photographer.
Famous for writing "Alice Adventures in Wonderland".
Went to Oxford and loved to play rugby
Died January 14,1898 of bronchitis/pneumonia Relevance
I choose this quote because sometimes you
dont know what or where to go so there is many roads to take.

To me this qoute means if you dont know what you wanna do when you grow up this is about choices,decesions and goals.

If you dont set goals then what are you going to reach,you might not get to where you wanna be in life.

An Example is if you want to go to college it can help you get a job or if you dont go to college you wont have a good job .

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