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No description

makaila matthews

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of OPTITION

Describe your career?
I assist people with purchasing eye glasses and contacts that sute their personalites.

What does your daily task include?
Greeting customer,finding what type of lifestyles they have ,to help them pick their frame.
{Health Science}
What are some of your resposibilities?
Calling insurance companies,faxing documents and filling orders for them to get their glasses or contacts.

What skills do need to do your job correcty & efficiently?
Computer,Comunication & technolgy skills to do orders and also to talk to people about their personallity and perspectives on what type of glassees or contacts they would want.
What training or education was required for this job?
High School,College and on the job training.
How long have you been at this current job ?
Shes been at walmart for atleast 10 years but, in the vision center for 3 years now.
What are some of your favorite parts of this job?
My favorite part of this job is meeting new peiple everday.
What are some of your least favorite parts if this job?
My worst part of this job is that i see young children with bad eye sight.
Is this your dream if not ,what is your dream job?
No, my dream job is to be a photagrahpy and to be in video art.
How did your parents influence your career choice?
They actualy didnt influence my career choice I made a bad choice and had to provide for myself .
What advice can you give me anout choosong a career?
The advice I would give you is to choose something you would love to get up and do every day until you leave this world.
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