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Gods and Religon of Ancient Eygpt

Zander Felde:)

Mrs. Waggoner

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Gods and Religon of Ancient Eygpt

Ancient Egypt gods and religion By Zander Felde they worshiped many Ra mummification Egyptians were firm belivers in life after death. Because of this, they mummified their people when they died. mummification was when they would preserved a body so that they would be ready for the afterlife. They could also bring things into the after life, even pets. Pets needed to be mummified too! Ancient Egyptians worshiped many gods. Over a hundred in all. Ra, the sun god, was the god they worshiped most. They believed that he was the creator of the sun and Earth. They also believed that he was the most powerful god of all. gods and animals Gods in Egypt were closely associated with animals. Gods were drawn with the heads of animals to make them more recognizable. They also believed that gods could turn into animals. For example: The sun god Ra could turn into a hawk and fly over Egypt. How the World Began Egyptians believed the world began as water, and that the gods rose the land out of the water, creating Earth. offerings Egyptians made food offerings and could pray to there gods. Usually in that order. The Egyptians would give there gods food by burning it. They could also offer beer or wine. After they made a food offering they would pray to there gods using a rock with ears carved on it. (The ears were so the gods could hear them). how they acted The gods didn't necessarily like the Egyptains. At times it was believed that the gods punished the Egyptians. Like the could send a giant flood or a drought that killed there crops, or they rewarded the Egyptians with a good harvest and good fortune. They also didn't always get along with each other. An example of this is that a god might want to give them a good harvest when another god might want to punish the people. the end h
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