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Bedrock TM1

Bedrock TM1 is a best practices collection and open toolset to facilitate development using Cognos TM1.

Ambrus Vancso

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Bedrock TM1

Bedrock is TM1 Best Practice assets built from years of TM1 experience consisting of Training, White Papers and Toolkits. "Think free as in free speech, not free beer." TM1 Best Practice TM1 Best Practice Standards The Bedrock Library a collection of pre-built Turbo Integrator processes that complete tasks that are common in all TM1 models
initially 10,000 lines of Best Practice, “Blackbelt”-aware, Project battle-tested Turbo Integrator Code. 'Data Shuffling'
Tool of TM1 Turbo Integrator BedrockTM1.org What's new in Bedrock 2.0 Upgrading from 1.0?
You can start using 2.0 today. View Creation
Dimension Cloning
Data Directory
Server Logs
Bedrock.Server.LogFile.Load.TM195.pro Bedrock 2.0 – New Processes Bedrock.Server.LogFile.Backout.TM195
Only works with 9.5 and above
Uses the “Old Value” in the TM1 log file to remove updates from a TM1 cube performed by a specific client with in a date-time range
Only works with 9.5 and above
Updates a TM1 cube using the “New values” from the TM1 log file for a specific client with in a date-time range Bedrock 2.0 – Log File Bedrock.Server.DataDir.Backup.pro
Copies the contents of the data directory to another directory
Runs a Save Data All first

Creates a text file with a list of the contents of the data directory
Useful for documentation Bedrock 2.0 – Data Directory Bedrock.Dim.CloneFromSubset
Clones a dimension based of a subset
Builds a flat dimension with all N level elements from a subset
Use when you need a flat dimension for data entry of variables for C level calcs Bedrock 2.0 – Dimension Cloning Bedrock.Cube.ViewAndSubsets.Delete
Sister process to Bedrock.Cube.View.Create
Use to remove the view and subsets that have the same name as the view Bedrock 2.0 – View Deletion Bedrock.Cube.View.Create
A new process to create a view based off the filter concept introduced as part of the ZeroOut process in Bedrock 1.0
Basis for the new Data.Clear process and Data.ExportToFile
3 delimiters instead of 2, default is colon, ampersand & plus signs.
Example: Year: 2010 & Version: Actual + Budget
Can be used any time you want to create a view in code
If a consolidated element is part of the filter and consols are suppressed it will return N level elements
Options for new features: wildcards searches, attribute lookup? Bedrock 2.0 – View Creation Why?
Prime reason is to remove objects created during TI processes
Keep a clean system
Views and subsets weren’t be reused because of the random number
Most systems don’t require the full enterprise reuse no locking system
Allow developers to have full control Bedrock 2.0 - pRetainTempObj A new parameter has been added to process that create views called pRetainTempObj
It determines whether views and subsets created as part of the process should be deleted
The default is that the views and subsets created will be deleted as part of the Epilog
Used in Data.Clear, Data.Export & Data.Copy
The names for views are now totally random: random number + time stamp Bedrock 2.0 - pRetainTempObj Bedrock.Cube.Data.Clear
Replaces Bedrock.Cube.Data.ZeroOut, it should be used instead.
Bedrock.Cube.Data.ZeroOut was kept for backwards compatibility
Uses Bedrock.Cube.View.Create to create the clear out view
Uses the ViewCreate logic to export data to file
Replacement for Bedrock.Cube.Data.ExportToFile Bedrock 2.0 – Data P&L Sales COGS OPEX P&L
Allocated Multi-step
allocation HR Traditional Approach Modular Approach Presented at Cubewise IBM Cognos TM1
User Conference 2012

Brussels Challenged by Complexity and
fragmented approaches
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