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Alcohol sponsorship

No description

Lauri Beekmann

on 3 July 2016

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Transcript of Alcohol sponsorship

When does alcohol sponsorship of sport become sports sponsorship of alcohol?
Lauri Beekmann, EUROCARE
Sponsorship opened a unique opportunity for alcohol company to get into Estonian Public Broadcasting channel where advertising is otherwise prohibite.
As alcohol can´t be advertised before 9PM, sponsorship made it possible for beer company to do their marketing at a day time.
Sponsorship makes it possible for alcohol industry to use famous actors or athletes which is otherwise prohibited for alcohol advertising.
Alcohol advertisements have to include a health message but as this is not officially ad, there is none of course.
An open letter to F1 president Jean Todt
The European Alcohol Policy Alliance is deeply concerned of the heavy marketing exercise seen in Formula One and is therefore requesting an urgent change. The association between drinking and driving should clearly be seen as a troubling one.
Allowing alcohol sponsorship in Formula One seems to contradict many official guidelines for the marketing of alcohol. It runs against the EU Directive (2010/13/EU) which states that marketing for the consumption of alcohol should not be linked to driving. Moreover, the current association between alcohol and driving does not seem to fall in the category of “the widespread promotion of responsible drinking messages”, part of the mission supported by the alcohol industry itself.
"What’s clear above all is that the sponsorship industry was smart enough to survive the loss of tobacco sponsorship. So it shouldn’t fear the upheaval caused by an alcohol ban. If anything, it might lead to a welcome shake-up in approach, led by dynamic agency thinking and a new wave of brands."
Sponsorship Awards website
Australia: Twelve leading sporting organisations - covering athletes in soccer, basketball, netball, swimming, cycling, hockey and others - have agreed to end all existing and future alcohol sponsorship agreements. In exchange, the groups will share $25 million in replacement government funding taken from new Alcopops tax revenues.
In Ireland, the Department of Health has recently recommended that a ban on alcohol sponsorship of big sporting events should be in force by 2020.
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