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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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Shana Cureton-McMurray

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Shana Cureton
Indiana Wesleyan University
GNUR 568 Teaching and Learning Strategies
Facilitator: Melvina Brandau
December 8, 2013

Blackboard Learn
Canvas by Instructure
Cool things about Canvas
Choosing what is right?...for me the educator

and for my students!
First the video should hold my attention...
Canvas by Instructure is a rapidly growing, cloud-based service that works to improve student and faculty collaboration by integrating web services such as:

•Google Docs
•Google Calendar
•Facebook and Twitter

What is a LMS ?
The media-rich platform also includes grading rubrics and SpeedGrader, a mobile app that allows teachers to quickly score, provide feedback, and engage in dialogue with students.

Additional features:
•Automated peak load management to ensure functionality during usage spikes
•Annual open security audit to find system vulnerabilities
•Mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices
•Awarded a Gold level certification from the National Federation of the Blind

Since Canvas is cloud-based, users are less likely to experience inconvenient downtimes,
worry about system upgrades, or download multiple versions. The system is always up-to-date with the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements.
Blackboard and
Canvas by Instructure
Blackboard complaints
Canvas by Instructure Complaints
Lacking plagiarism detection
(Western Washington university, 2013)
Open source options are attractive due to the absence of any licensing cost.
However, it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of acquiring an open source solution, as the cost could, over the life of the system, equal or exceed a commercial system
Canvas Benefits

Features that set it apart include SMS notification (research has shown that college students prefer text messaging and use it more than e-mail), one click apps (look someone else is doing this – YEAH!), students can create and share their own content, etc., mobile, audio and video messaging, outcomes and download and upload zip files (again, you would think this would be standard – but it is not).
(Weis, 2013)
Blackboard Learn is a student-centered LMS that provides teaching and learning, community building, content management and sharing, and community-driven experiences.
The platform has an intuitive design, and offers a
variety of features and workflows, including:
Interactive rubrics for efficient evaluation and feedback
Global learning network connecting Blackboard users around the world
Active collaboration tools and spaces
Echo 360 to provide a lecture capture solution to record and publish lectures
Tools to integrate visually engaging content (i.e., videos, slideshows, and images)
Designed to help instructors engage in new ways, Blackboard Learn reaches students on their terms and devices to keep them informed, involved, and collaborating together.
Pasadena City College (2013)
"A college-wide survey indicated sufficient dissatisfaction with Blackboard, our current LMS, to warrant investigation of alternatives".
"Other, potentially more effective, systems are available at similar or lesser cost".

Learning Management Systems (LMS),
is a generic term for a software program that contains a number of integrated instructional functions (Ko & Rossen, 2010, p. 6).
LMS also known as course management system or software(CMS), also known as virtual learning environment (VLE), learning platform or online delivery system.
(Ko & Rossen, 2010, p. 6).
With regard to integration, [information technology services] support staff were quickly able to configure Canvas for our Central Authentication Service (CAS) allowing the use of our standard university login credentials.
(western washington university, 2013).
Vendors ( Blackboard, Desire2Learn etc.)
have their own particular pricing models:
Seat based -# of employees in the enterprise or who will NEVER need training as a basis for pricing.
Usage based -# of students who actually register for classes.
Storage based pricing is based on the size of the files that are stored in the content repository section of LMS.
(Berking & Gallagher, 2013)
Cost for Use

The term “Learning Management System” (LMS) returns many results from various search engines. LMS appears to be a generic term in relation to any learning management system. It is important for educators to know and understand the components of the LMS their organization uses. The ability to have course authoring tools, and establish virtual learning environments may critical to content delivery and the user experience. LMS is interchangeable with several other terms e.g. Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) and Content Management Systems (CMS). With so many monikers for educational online management, one must first determine what they are seeking.
In summary, the information I learned from this assignment is invaluable.
Upon conducting research, it is evident that there is an abundance of information on the internet about Learning Management Systems (LMS). Through acquisitions and mergers, Blackboard appears to be the best option for higher education with Moodle and Desire2Learn as fierce competitors. Blackboard continues to monopolize the LMS market, yet the emergence of Canvas by Instructure, provides a strong alternative.
Blackboard is the premier LMS for higher education. However, the pricing and user experience is causing institutions of higher education to review their contracts and consider alternative options. Blackboard Learn and Canvas by Instructure will continue to be the two LMS that I will gravitate toward. Blackboard is a key contender due to its consistency in all the educational programs I have been involved. Finally, Canvas is a fresh and new twist on software that is essential to the education process. The new found information obtained from this research has shown me that the selection of a LMS is not a personal choice, but one that must be right for all involved.
Summary Cont'd


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Ko, S., & Rossen, S. (2010). Teaching Online: a practical guide (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.


References Cont'd

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Western Washington University (0213, January 11). The Canvas LMS recommendation. Retrieved December 9, 2013, from http://west.wwu.edu/atus/canvas/Canvas%20Recomendation%201-11-13.pdf

Institutions of higher education are aware of the possible alternatives to Blackboard (Western Washington University, 2013). The overall cost of Blackboard, the decrease in faculty and student satisfaction, and reliability are crippling Blackboard.Several well-known universities are conducting pilot studies to base their decisions on evidence.
“In 2003, more than 81% of Western faculty reported being satisfied with Blackboard. By 2011, this number had dropped to 35%. The biggest concerns expressed regarding Blackboard were its reliability and its ease of use (Western Washington University, 2013).”
The University Information Technology Services at Indiana University created an entire website to educate the student, faculty and public about its search for an alternative LMS. The Next.IU.edu site is equip with several different platforms and will foster an evidence based selection. Therefore, selecting a LMS must be beneficial to the entire university.
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