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A Life

No description

angelina machado

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of A Life

My Mommy
My mom is my all above and beyond. In 2010 on March 24 she gave birth to my baby brother, who was born premature. Born at One pound and a couple ounces it was a very horrifying moment in my life, especially because he died for 5 minuets. He was so tiny and fragile we couldn't touch him, hold him or even be in the same room for a long time with him. I didn't get to hold him until he came home on my birthday 2 months later on May 13th. We were very blessed to have him brought in our lives. During my moms short pregnancy she was having troubles and had to deliver Ricky early. Later on we got informed my mom had preeclampsia (a condition in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure,
sometimes with fluid retention and proteinuria.) which almost
killed her. That day I wasn't sure if i was going to loose the
other part to my soul. That day I thought I could have
died. To this day I am the most thankful person to have my
mom in my life because without her I don't know what I
would do. Today they are both very happy and healthy and I'm
the most luckiest girl to have them in my crazy life, and I'm proud to say they are the crazy that makes me crazy.
30 pounds down :)
The Life I Live
By: Angelina M.

In my short years of being 18 years old,, just like everyone on earth I have witnessed life, death, pain, happiness,, love, joy, and sorrow. There have been may times I've cried and shed tears,
but somehow always managed to keep a smile on my face. All the events in my life have led up to make me the person I am today. I have a wonderful family who i
love more than life itself. One person in particular I would like to talk about, is my dad. When I was just 3 years old, he left. I didn"t know at the time but i had lost my best friend since that day
he has been in and out of my life spending his days in prison, but regardless of my dads reckless decisions I still remain by his side and always stay faithful that one day he will choose the better
path in life. With my dad not being in my life has put a major toll on me. I feel I've lost my faith in the most darkest days. Just hearing his voice and
knowing he is okay gives me reassurance that he is fine and healthy where he is.. My heart hurts everyday knowing i cant be with him and hear his
laugh or his stupid jokes. He definitely left an empty space in my heart that can never be filled and that has messed me up but in the end and through
it all I love my daddy and i am a daddy's girl. I hope in the future our relationship can grow and we can have the father daughter bond i desperately
want, need, and right now only dream about. This part of my life has made me strong and realize to only do the best i can for my own children in the
future and give them promising ones. I forgive my dad, for all of the promises he broke, all the lies he told, all the memories i had to put on hold. I
always tell him I'll never let go.
Baby Ricky
Up until now I have always had a weight problem and a lot of insecurities about myself. In school, just like a lot of people I was bullied about my weight. Luckily for me i'm some what humorous and outgoing and it helped me make a lot of friends. At the ages of 14-16 I weighed approximately 216 pounds and I was 5'2 which now that i'm 18 have only grown an inch since the 7th grade. During my sophomore year while I lived with my aunt and uncle and they became very concerned about my weight problem. I had depression and a horrible eating problem, even worse diabetes runs on both sides of my family, So being the best aunt and uncle anyone could have they pushed me and encouraged me to help me loose the weight. During my sophomore year i weighed 225 pounds. I started eating healthier and exercising and in just 3 weeks i lost 30 pounds (approximately 2-3 pounds a day), just by eating better and exercising. From then on with the compliments and extra looks I would get gave me a confidence boost and I have somewhat managed to keep the weight off, it fluctuates but i've promised myself to never go back to that dark place in my life. I say dark place because, being the sensitive person i am i tend to take things to heart and when I was in the spot of always being made fun of it made me want to crawl n a hole and just stay there so I tried to commit suicide. Throughout the years i've learned that everyone is different and no one is perfect, and learned to roll with the punches, It has made me a much stronger person in life and I now know that I don't need to live for anyone else but myself. I am happy with who I am and who I have become I believe life is the most precious thing to me, and I live it everyday differently and happily.
Nobody can love, nurture, or care for you as much as your grandparents do. They've stood by me, They see the truth in me and bring joy into my life. They love me unconditionally through and through. Im so thankful that I have them to turn to. If it wasn't for my wonderful grandparents id be nowhere in life and id be a nobody. I cant imagine one day in my life without them. The light in darkest nights they complete me fully and I am great full and proud to be able to say i have the absolute best grandparents in the whole entire world. I have 6 grandparents and all of them complete me and i love all of them so much. I am glad to be their grand daughter.
At the end of the day nobody will have your back love you or encourage you to do the best and be the best you can be, as much as your family. Family always be your number one priority in your life. Treasure every precious moment, laugh at the little things, and just live, laugh, love. because in this world its all you can do.

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