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Your Journey to becoming a Maths superhero!

No description

daniel meadows

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Your Journey to becoming a Maths superhero!

Your Journey to becoming a Maths Superhero!
Chapter 2: The adventure continues...
Your next steps along your journey will require you to master your 6,7 and 8s to beat the terrible Thor and your 9, 11, and 12s to beat the brilliant Black widow!
Every Hero needs a Mentor...
All heroes need someone to help them on their path and, luckily for you, there are lots of people ready to aid you! Ask your teacher for extra resources so you can practise during your own time.
Maybe your parents can also help out: a few practise questions in the car each morning and you will be taking on the next boss sooner than you think!
Chapter 4: Now things really start to get interesting...
It is not enough to just know your times tables, you have to use them to beat the next bosses! Ironman will test whether you can do 1 by 2 digit multiplication...mentally! and The toughest of them all will be Wonder Woman, who will test your fractions, decimals and percentages of amounts. At this point, the end is near!
A Hero never rests...
No true superhero sleeps easy at night: there is no time to stop training!

Chapter 1: A Hero is born!
Every hero starts off as a normal person and you are no different...to prove you have what it takes you will need to practise your 2, 5 and 10s to beat Batman, and your 3 and 4s to see of the powerful Hawk-girl!
Chapter 3: Time is running out..
Bosses cannot wait around for ever to be beaten so you have to train hard to vanquish them before your time-limit is up!
You need to be able to do all of your tables with division by the end of Year 4 (Superman) and work out place value calculations by the end of Year 5 (Catwoman).
Training is everything!
If you are going to overcome these fearsome heroes then you need to train hard!

Ask your teacher if you can practise during registration: do this three times a week and you will quickly become strong enough to beat the next boss!
Every Hero needs a side-kick
Batman has Robin, Black Widow has Hawk-eye, and the Hulk....ok, the Hulk does not need a side-kick!

You have loads of side-kicks to choose from: your class mates! Train on your target bosses together to get stronger faster!
Congratulations maths warrior! If you manage to overcome the dastardly Wonder Woman then you truly are a maths Legend!
Maths superhero status!
When you become a maths superhero that is just the start... it will then be up to you to find the next maths area you need to train to beat! Good luck young Heroes!
Battling your way to the top...
You are going to be training hard each term to beat your next boss and your teacher will make sure that you have at least one battle a term.

If you think you have done all the training needed though there is nothing to stop you taking on the boss early! Train hard to become a super hero faster!
Some Heroes fly and some Heroes walk, but they all win in the end...
Every Hero has a different set of abilities and we are the same. Every persons maths superhero journey will be a bit different and you might be on different Bosses to your friends but this is OK. It is not where you are that counts, but how hard you work to make it to the next level. Heroes never tease and Heroes never, never, give up!
The road to victory!
Why not the Hulk?
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