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Kaitlyn Spina

on 19 December 2012

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Jace-Jace is strong willed, brave, and the best shadow hunter of his generation. He has a tendancy to use sarcasm and DOES NOT liked to be told what to do. He has lived at the institution with his adoptive family the lightwoods since he was ten when his father died. Clary has always had a normal life. Hanging
with her best friend Simon, going to school,
anything a normal teenager would do.
But all the normalness stops one day when
Clary and Simon go to Pandemonium, a club
in New York City, the place where she meets
Jace. Her life after that starts to unravel,
her mother disappears,and she herself is
attacked by a demon. And the most
unsettling thing of all was her
mother was keeping secrets,
and would do anything
to keep them untold. Because
clary's whole life
is a lie. Clary- Clary is a fierce and rebellious young woman who's brilliant red hair and bright green eyes define her as different. Her artistic personality matches her mother's, whom she lives with in New York City. Clary has lived her whole life knowing half the truth of who she actually is, until she meets Jace Wayland. Other books in the series! The setting mostly takes place at the institute. A place in New York City where shadow hunters, from that area, learn, live and train. The other main setting is Clary's apartment in New York City. The place where Clary grew up , before her mother's disappearance. Also there is the city of Bones, it consists of many levels, mostly full of dead shadow hunter graves, and the only inhabitants being the silent brothers. 5 2 4 3 (main characters) characters Summary Setting intro I think this book is amazing! It's well described, well paced, and flows perfectly.
I knew what was happening in the book at all times and could visualize everything it described; characters, settings and all.
This book will keep you on edge wanting to know what happens next. opinion I would recommend this book to any one who wants to read a fantastic adventure thriller, with a bit of romance here and there. I would recommend this book to any gender of 11 and up. I think most people will enjoy the book if they like surprises at every turn and fights in between. Recommendation Passage ` Connections Text to text- City of Bones reminds me of the book
Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep. In both books
certain groups of people are trained to kill demons
and defeat a greater evil.

Text to self- I made a text to self connection with Clary when she made a decision under stress that led to a series of bad events. I have been stressed before and understand how that can effect your decision making.
Text to World- The shadow hunters remind me of
police men. They both protect human kind from danger, but unlike police men, shadow hunters kill demons. conflict This book is basically about a girl (Clary) who's life changes after she meets three people at pandemonium, than a day after her mom is captured by a demon.She than sets off on an adventure to find her, with the help of her new found shadow hunter friends. I chose this passage because it was
one of the very first times that Clary actually experienced a bit of her true powers. powers that no one knows she has,even she doesn't know why she could do what she did. ITEMS OF INTEREST Runes: Symbols of power that are drawn on to shadow hunter's skin (drawn on using a stele). Each rune giving and or increasing a shadow hunter's ability. example: Enhanced sight, agility, speed,balance etc. Saraph blade: Holy weapons that are used to vanquish evil and banish them back to where they came from. Stele: A type of pen that shadow hunters use to draw runes of power on themselves to enhance their abilities.
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