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The Marinduque Mining Rehabilitation Plan (MMRP)

A call for environmental justice in Marinduque, the Philippines

Tina Tian

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of The Marinduque Mining Rehabilitation Plan (MMRP)

The Marinduque
Mining Rehabilitation
Plan (MMRP) Increasing Awareness to
Combat Mining Disasters in
the Philippines Mining in the Philippines $840 untapped mineral wealth
2nd largest gold exporter in the world
Significant copper & chromate deposits The Marinduque
Mining Disaster Marcopper Mining Corporation, Placer Dome Inc.
Established Mt. Tapian ore pit in 1969
Discharged mine tailings into Calancan Bay
Over 200 million tons of tailings in two decades
In 1996, drain tunnel to Tapian pit cracked
Contaminated Calancan Bay, Mogpog & Boac rivers The Philippines The Effects of Mining health problems reduction of natural resources environmental
pollution Organizational
Involvement Est. 1978
post-1996; branched off into sectors to provide aid for mining tragedy
now has over 120 chapters
past services include: community education programs
training in disaster risk-reduction strategies
river cleanup & levee construction
establishment of alternative income sources for locals Project
Objectives Research the extent of the environmental damage Explore and implement different methods of disaster relief Inform residents of the current impacts and implications of environmental contamination Establish a system of environmental clean-up for the residents to adopt and maintain Methods Soil Water Research phytoextraction rain barrels rain gardens thiols waste rock siltation ponds cotton filters & sulfur Storage stunted growth paralysis anemia chronic lead
poisoning metal contamination skin diseases respirator problems microcephalis deforestation erosion formation of sinkholes loss of biodiversity soil contamination water contamination bioaccumulation biomagnification infertile soil dead fish/marine organisms Laws and Statutes DENR Administrative Order No. 97-38 Chemical Control Order for Mercury and Mercury Compounds DENR Administrative Order No. 96-12 Prescribing the Organizational and Management Arrangement, Functions and Responsibilities for the Pasig River Rehabilitation Program (PRRP) and the River Rehabilitation Secretariat (RRS) Lab testing of water and soil samples Natural Resource Damage Assessment Project Benefits Cost-efficient, low-maintenance clean-up systems Re-establishment of livelihoods Prevention of further health problems Environmental awareness and knowledge Future
Possibilities Expansion to other regions of the Philippines -Mindanao
-El Davao Del Norte Establishment of health clinics or health tents in highly-affected areas -treatment by chelation therapy Thank you for your time!
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