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Demonstrative Speech: Chess

No description

E. B.

on 27 February 2011

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Transcript of Demonstrative Speech: Chess

one of the greatest chess
players of all time,
had an IQ of 187. Bobby Fischer, He once said,
"A strong memory, concentration,
imagination, and a strong will
are required to become a great chess player." The Pawn chessup.net The Knight chessup.net The Bishop chessup.net The Rook chessup.net The Queen chessup.net The King chessup.net Chess Pawn Knight Bishop Rook Queen King Chess Set Up Back Row: Left to Right
Rook, Knight
Bishop, Queen
King, Bishop
Knight, Rook 8 Pawns Front Row:
Names of the pieces
How the pieces move
The objective of the game
Board setup Basic Components
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