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No description

Samara Grimes

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Enzymes

Mary Craig
Samara Grimes Enzymes & Substrates Enzymes Catalysts that speed up reactions Substrate A molecule that an enzyme acts upon Importance of Enzymes Allows reactions to occur at quicker rates that would otherwise occur too slowly -Lowers activation energy So basically, without enzymes we would be dead Enzyme Names Named derived from substrate Ends in "-ase" Example:
The enzyme lactase acts upon lactose Where Enzymes
Are Made Enzymes are made in ribosomes -Ribosomes are small particles in a cell that are made up of RNA Lock and Key Model Lock= enzyme Key= substrate Keyhole= active site Only the correctly sized substrate will fit into the active site of the enzyme Induced Fit Model Substrate plays a role in the final shape of the enzyme This is why certain compounds can bind to an enzyme but don't react because the enzyme is denatured or distorted Active Sites Where the substrate attaches and undergoes a chemical reaction
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