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Farewell Staff Presentation

No description

Wendy Cacilhas

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Farewell Staff Presentation

Farewell Staff
You will be missed!

Scott Wharram
@TheLoneWolf. Survived coaching baseball crazies AND sharing an office with three women #LadyTMI #NoLongerFriendless #WeTeaseBecauseWeLove
Connie Scott
Shared laughs, teen lit, and #freecandy. Thanks for your generosity with students and your time. Hayden wins #connieisarockstar.
Kelly Peterson
@PaperProtectorPrincess. Blew budget on sleeves, paid back #BankruptT3 w/ free teacher swag. #OrganizationQueen coronation after tinkle break. Miss you, Pumpkin! Who else works full-time but is only paid for 2/3?
Matt Jenkins
@onesemesterwonder~He came, he saw, he taught one and drove like mad. ~One school would be nice, eh?~#luckygarthwebb~Keep us posted on where you land.
Andrew Esp
Remember the EQAO is only 60 minutes long. #no one gets 90 minutes. When you're with the boys at CKHS remember to tie your drawstring. #keep your pants up. A real vegetarian does not eat fish. #poser. Marmite is not a real food. #colonies rule. Mables Labels + Andrew = #kept man
Michael Crabtree
@Tennant's boy-toy. Two coffees to start the day/on a cleanse/just crushed a pizza/on a cleanse/ummm chicken wings/ on a cleanse/lets go for lunch/on a cleanse... #greatfootballcoach #laughlightsuptheroom #WillbeMISSED!
Geoff Mills
Tin Cup is broke. T4 is empty. LBP is sad. Team Mills is on to new things. #luckyAldershot. Leave your law binders! #quack
Doug Barr
@theonemanband~Thanks for fixing all our cars. ~Santa and the dance man will be missed. Watch your back~#luckysylapps~Will he ever get out? #timeserved
Tim Faulhafer
Amber Mitchell
Erin Kolodziej
You know you're buds when she swears at you. #FUKen Kindness is heading north. Right to recall 2014 #lizretires  Back to bake? #xmas2013
@Fauly-nohair.nocare. Missin' the dance, rap, sing, fashion style but ain't nobody missing the glare #looking 40 at 30 is super cool. Congrats on the addition - Way not to Fall Off Her. GW look out for Metrosexual Masculinity #don't get Crabtree'd.
@FarmGirlGoneWild. The halls of LBP will be much less PEPpy without you. #LoveTheGov Who can help now in an emergency cow milking situation? #whatwhat

Kerry Racicot
@CozyRack. Heels may be acceptable on Redtube (note that sort viewing is not what the board considers 'acceptable media' #private browser) but not in the Gym. Public Schools do teach about birth control #getJersnipped.
Ginette Peters
@craftqueen~The quiet, creative, thoughtful, knitter is leaving us. ~#luckywoss~We'll miss the artsy Ms. Peters and so will careers!~#leavemedianotesforken
Randy Williams
@tiger Off to his log cabin to live happily ever after.  Thanks for not blowing up LBP. Wishing Randy only good things. 
Marilyn MacLennan
@TheGuidingLight. 37yrs in education after walking 10 miles to school everyday...Uphill...in the snow. Mentor, teacher, guru, friend, role model. Sad to see her go. Happy to see what adventures follow. #culinaryarts #redwine #travel #OneRoomSchoolHouse4Ever
Ross Plant
@routinelunchman He's running back to Aldershot. We scared Ross! #luckyAldershot Burlington is small, we'll cross paths again. #goodluck
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