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The Maze Runner

No description

Lindsey Young

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

Plot structure Exposition Resolution The rising action of The Maze Runner
is when Thomas, Minho ,and Alby get stuck in the maze with the grievers all around them. Also Thomas and Minho find the griever hole by dodging a bunch of grievers and by throwing rocks and vines off of the cliff and they were so happy about maybe getting out of the maze and to tell the others about the griever hole that they found. Rising Action The climax of The Maze Runner, is when Alby runs right to the grievers or monsters because he didn't want to go back to the real world because he saw what it was like. So he ran right in front of a pack of grievers, but the grievers just cut and stunned him instantly. There was a war against the creators and monsters because the kids wanted to go through the griever hole to a real life in the real world. But they thought of the real world as paradise. Climax The falling action of The Maze
Runner is when the group of
kids go to where the creators or the company WICKED live. And they all see a couple of adults and Gally, one of the other kids from the maze there. But then Gally pulls something behind him and throws it at Thomas. In a split second Chuck, one of Thomas best friends jumps in front of Thomas to block the knife from hitting Thomas. Falling Action After Chuck died a group of military people that weren't infected, came charging in and killed the creators and took the kids to safety in a old hotel building. -The Maze Runner- By: James Dashner Presentation by: Cole Cotnam The protagonist in The Maze Runner is: Thomas, because he is in all of the main events in The Maze Runner. Also because the author, talks a lot about the main character, Thomas. I have rated this book 4 1/2 out of five because there is a lot of action and adventure in the story and all through out the book. This novel belongs to a action packed and
adventure genre because the adventure part of this
novel is to find a way to get out of the maze and for the action packed part is to survive and fight against the creators and the monsters. Obstacles to overcome Goals to achieve One obstacle to
overcome is to get
out of the maze. Another obstacle
to overcome is to
survive for there
lives. Also another
obstacle is to face your fears and emotions to be successful. -Type of genre that this novel belongs to is a... To find a way of the maze and to find
out who put them in the maze in the
first place. Plus to find out where they
came from, how they got there and what
the maze is really for. The protagonist's basic problem is: To find a way out of the maze
and to survive from the
monsters, plus to face your
fears and emotions to be
sucessful. The antagonist: The antagonists are the creators because the creators are the ones that put them in there and they left the kids in the maze to find out what they do to survive. Also the monsters because the monsters are trying to stop the kids from getting out. The setting The setting of The Maze
Runner is in a maze, in the scorch,
and in where the creators or wicked
lives. The maze is a huge puzzle that
is very difficult to solve and this maze is huge. The walls are a couple of hundred
feet high. Also the scorch is the real world with a virus that infects
people and makes them go crazy, but the the scorch is not very green. And
for the creators, they work for wicked,
and they watch the kids. The exposition of this novel, The Maze Runner is when Thomas is welcomed by a boy around his age and a younger boy around 12 years old as well. And every week a new kid comes to the maze, also they are all boys. But the next day nobody expected that a new kid was coming in less than 24 hours apart. All of the other kids in the maze went to the box where the supplies and kids come. They all look in and nobody said anything, it was a girl that was in the box. Initial incident The initial incident is when the new girl
comes a day apart from Thomas, and she
triggers the ending. When the sky turns gray
and the walls don't close. What I have done
to enhance my
presentation... By adding color
to my presentation By adding details
to my presentation By adding descriptive words to my presentation By adding pictures to my presentation. One of the major
conflicts in this novel,
The Maze Runner are
that when the walls
don't close for the
night and the grievers
could get in. And the
grievers took one kid
a night. Another major
conflict is that the war against the grievers and the kids to get through the griever hole Also another major
conflict is when
Thomas comes and 24
hours later the girl and
all of the kids didn't
know what was
happening. Plus another major
conflict is when the kids find the code from the wall patterns. Major conflicts Another major
conflict in this
novel is when the teenagers find the griever hole from throwing rocks off of the giant cliff. Also read the sequels of The Maze Runner,
The Scorch Trails, The Death Cure,
and The Kill Order. THE
END Thanks for
watching and
listening!!!!!!!! Point of view The point of view
used in this novel is
third person.
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