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Immigration Timeline

No description

Alessia Martino

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Immigration Timeline

1940's & 1950's
-1940 Since not much immigration happened during World War Two, Australia decides to 'Populate Or Perish' because they were quite vulnerable during war
-1950 Australia agrees with immigration from more than 20 European countries
1960's & 1970's
-1965 The 'White Australia Policy' is removed from it's party
-Late 1960's Around 6,000 immigrants arriving from Asia each year
-1971 The largest number of immigrant groups are from Britain, Italy and Greece
1920's & 1930's
-1922 There is an increase in non-British immigrants to Victoria
-1930 The years of depression result in not many immigrants
1900's & 1910's
-1901 The dictation test is introduced making it easy to exclude non-British immigrants
-1914 The First World War begins
-1914 German immigration is banned
1850's & 1860's
-1851 Gold is discovered attracting almost half a million immigrants
-1854 The Eureka Stockade happens in Ballarat and results in taking away the miners licenses
-1855 The largest number of immigrants come from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, America, China and Germany
-1860 Chinese people become the fourth largest immigrant group after the British, Irish and Germans

1980's &1990's
-1980 An end to the favored treatment of British people
-1997 Nearly one in four Australians are born overseas representing about 100 countries
1880's & 1890's
-1881 Australia showed a non-Aboriginal population of 2.25 million
-1888 Chinese immigration is basically banned
-1888 The phrase 'White Australia Policy' appears
-1892 Immigration governments extends the restrictions on Chinese immigration to all non-Europeans

Immigration Timeline
By Alessia
1830's & 1840's
-1837 Melbourne is named
-1841 One British ship arrived per week
-1848 From Germany, an immigration ship arrived and that was the first non-british ship

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