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Dactyl Transmedia

No description

Sam Hogerton

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Dactyl Transmedia

Presented By Matt Sabljak, Chief Creative Officer Sam Hogerton, Creative Director Where is Dillon? The Rise of the Dactyls The Dactyls are Coming Vol. 1 TRANSMEDIA LANDSCAPE THE PGA officially recognizes Transmedia Producers ........................................................... 2001 The Beast is launched 2003 "Transmedia" coined by Henry Jenkins Fourth Wall Studios raises $15M 2011 Dactyl Transmedia launches 2011 2010 prominent media theorist TRANSMEDIA RISING Wait, wait, wait... I'd like to see what the transmedia landscape looks like... Yeah! MOMENTUM SO FAR "Where is Dillon?"
Content partnerships with OnMilwaukee.com & 88nine The Business Model Traditional content publishers are not aligned to create content for multiple delivery platforms Digital natives demand immersive and participatory entertainment experiences The Problem Stories and marketing messages can no longer be conceived for a single delivery platform The Solution Transmedia... I should've known! Designing stories across multiple platforms... Brilliant! If only we knew a couple of expert transmedia storytellers... Original Entertainment
Properties Branded Experiences Education & Consulting Monday, May 16th 88nine
Iron Horse Hotel
Journal Sentinel
Marquette University THE DACTYLS ARE COMING! www.DactylTransmedia.com Marketing ABC Partnerships THANK YOU! Own the conversation Dactyl Connections EXIT STRATEGY Just Acquired INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES *There are currently fewer than 20 agencies specializing in transmedia. **None in the Midwest. EARNED MEDIA Acquistion: 5-10 years Ad Agencies
Holding Companies OPTION 1 Common Stock: $250,000 buys 25% of Dactyl Transmedia
$50,000 minimum investment buys 5%
Close on funds as committed
C Corporation - No K1 Pays 10% interest
Double repayment within 5 years
Warrants for 5% common stock USE OF FUNDING Year One: $250,000 $150,000 - Full Time Staff -Matt Sabljak, Chief Creative Officer -Sam Hogerton, Creative Director -Michael Kubaszak, Producer/Cinematographer $100,000 - Production, Development
& Marketing original properties FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS: Net Income (Loss) Year 1 - ($205,000)
Year 2 - ($25,000)
Year 3 - $175,000
Year 4 - $375,000
Year 5 - $575,000 Become a DACTYL! Great Team Great Opportunity Put Milwaukee on the map. Let's do this first and best! PRODUCT Earned media &
Awards Dactyl Connections Traditional Media
Companies OPTION 2 Super Loan: Note:
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