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The Driver Rebellion

HR Management case study: Alsia Mighty, Joseph Sandora, and Luther Hollis

Luther Hollis III

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of The Driver Rebellion

Case of
"The Driver Rebellion" Presented by
Alsia Mighty
Joseph Sandora
and Luther Hollis Here's the scenario Background: Who? What? When? Where? The issue: Without any open communication, tensions run high and there is almost a resort to fisticuffs between one of the Haitian drivers and the new supervisor

Meanwhile, the Hispanic drivers are at peace with the new supervisor, mostly due to cultural kinship Action taken: The Meetings: The Operations Manager decides to spend a few days with the newly appointed supervisor, attempting to offer some direction and mentorship

The Ops. Mgr. also meets with the group of Haitian drivers to remind them that the Ops. Mgr. alone is the only staff member with the power to fire anyone; it was also stressed that the drivers needed to respect and follow the instructions of their new supervisor

The driver involved in the altercation, was transferred A supervisory position posted internally; only two employees apply

Based upon recommendation of co-managers, a Hispanic male is appointed

This position requires supervision of 8 drivers

Six of the eight are Haitian, and the others are Hispanic; none of the Haitians applied for the management position

Cultural devides are illustrated when the Haitian drivers become disgruntled toward the new supervisor Solutions: The Haitian drivers ban together to sabotage the new supervisor by disregarding any requests

They team up to speed up the running of their respective pick-up routes, and return to base without the supervisor's clearance

The Hispanic drivers accept the responsibility of picking up the slack of the Haitian drivers Luther's solutions:

Group meeting / Conflict mediation

Discuss with the employees the organization's goals

Team building exercises Alsia Mighty: The Haitian drivers accuse the new supervisor of taking money from clients, having drivers pick up illegal materials for disposal, and trying to find reasons to fire them

Ultimately, the Haitian drivers purposefully try to frustrate the new supervisor in order to get him to quit Mentoring of new supervisor Explanation of employee grievance procedures Probation or termination for Insubordination Joe Sandora: Hiring Practices:
Interview process Organizational Culture:
Create a culture Individual & Organizational Relationship:
What motivates your employee’s? Create an assessment

Probe applicants answers

Question an applicant’s goals or plans Consists of shared values and beliefs

Provides employees with rules for behavior

Organizational culture shapes its members Motivation is a goal-directive drive

Understand the culture your employees came from

Understand your employee’s motivation Outcome: The supervisor eventually resigned to work with another company.

The drivers involved have resigned or been terminated for other reasons.
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