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The Mediation Process Types of Mediators

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Frederick Ricci

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of The Mediation Process Types of Mediators

When conflicts begin
Types of Mediators

Dr. Frederick A. Ricci
Human Resource Development
Social Network Mediator
Individuals connected to the disputations and part of a common social network

Not necessarily impartial but perceived by all to be fair

Concerned with promoting stable long-term relationships between parties and their associates.
Independent Mediator
Neutral/Impartial with relationships or outcomes
Serves at the pleasure of the parties
Has no authority to enforce agreement
Authoritative Mediators
Benevolent Mediator:
Seeks best solution for all and has authority to decide
Administrative/Managerial Mediato
r: Has authority before and after dispute
Vested Interest Mediator
: Has strong interest in the outcome of the dispute.
The Mediator
A third-party assistance is needed. Often called the Mediator
How Mediation Works
Three broad types of Mediators:

Social Network Mediators
Authoritative Mediators
Independent Mediators
Conflict and disputes exist when people are engaged in competition.
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