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"Holding Onto You"

No description

Katherine L.

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of "Holding Onto You"

"Holding On To You"
"Holding On To You" was written by the group twenty one pilots and was released on their 2013 album, Vessel.
The overall theme of "Holding On To You" is that even in dark times, depressing and negative thoughts can be overcome if you hold on to the hope that everything will be okay.
Poetic Elements
Poetry Project by Katherine Ladocsi and Drew Ellison
"I bet a lot of me was lost,"
in this line, part of the artist's body wasn't literally lost, they just feel as though their inner demons have taken part of their soul away

"Before you know it I'm lost at sea,"
additionally, in this line, the singer has not actually been lost in the ocean, instead, he has been lost in his own thoughts

"It ain't the speakers that bump hearts, it's our hearts that make the beat,"
the singer is trying to express how our hearts and emotions are what create music, the speakers playing music are not what keep our hearts beating.
"Twisting the kaleidoscope, behind both of my eyes,"
This line shows the image of a kaleidoscope being moved and used behind his eyes, where your brain is located. His brain is jumbled and filled with conflicting thoughts/feelings, like this common children's toy

"Tie a noose around your mind, loose enough to breathe fine and tie it to a tree, tell it 'You belong to me, this ain't a noose this is a leash..."
This next section illustrates how the artist is attempting to take back the control he has over his mind/body by figuratively tying a noose to a tree and taking control over it- instead of it taking control over him
"Time is slowing and it's frozen still,"
This lyric emphasizes that time is seeming to come to a standstill, because while time does not actually stop, the artist uses personification to exaggerate his point
"Tie it to a tree, tell it,"
This line is drawing attention to the artist tieing a noose to a tree- the alliteration is used for emphasis
Internal Rhyme
"Fight it, take the pain, ignite it,"
"Fight it" and "ignite it" both rhyme, but since they're in the same line, it is called an internal rhyme
Approximate Rhyme
"Sounding down the mountain range, of my left-side brain,"
"Range" and "brain" both sound extremely similar in the song, however the two words are not a perfect rhyme- thus called an approximate rhyme
"Flesh out the door, SWAT!"
Because "SWAT" is a word that illustrates a sound, it is an onomatopoeia
"You are surrounding, all my surroundings,"
Through this lyric, the writer is saying that his depression is taking over and completely surrounding him, although that is an exaggeration and not literally happening
"I'm open a moment and closed when you show it,"

Poetic Elements (continued)
"Entertain my faith," (x11)
This line is repeated 11 times in a row in the song, creating emphasis on the statement

"And I'll be holding on to you," (x8)
Being the title of the song, this lyric is repeated over 8 times, creating a sense of repetition
Repetition (continued)
"Lean with it, rock with it
When we gonna stop with it?
Lyrics that mean nothing
We were gifted with thought
Is it time to move our feet
To an introspective beat
It ain't the speakers that bump hearts
It's our hearts that make the beat,"(x4)

This stanza of lines, called the "collision", is repeated four times throughout the song to create emphasis on the statement
Kaleidoscope- in the song, this object represents the artist's brain and all of the thoughts mixed through it

Left-side brain- the left side of a brain is the more analytical and logical portion and this symbolizes how their demons are taking over their reasonable and rational thinking

Noose- though this is a very heavy topic, through the song, this object represents how the singer has attempted to solidify all of their dark thoughts into one thing that he can overcome. He has taken the one object that represents all things dark in his life and put his control on it

"Lyrics that mean nothing, it's our hearts that make the beat"- these lines in the song show how the singer is frustrated with the cliche and unemotional lyrics/songs that plague our radios. He is expressing that all of our thoughts and feelings come from inside our hearts, and our music should showcase this. We shouldn't be holding all of our dark thoughts and feelings in, we should be using them to help ourselves and the rest of the world.
This line has the vowel "o" repeated in it several times, this creates emphasis on the line and helps it stick out more to the listener, like alliterations.
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