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Evolution of Motocross

No description

rebecca williams

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Evolution of Motocross

Evolution of Motcross Motocross
Gear As dirt bikes improved the more dangerous they got Between the 1980s and the 1970s they stared making helmets stronger by using stronger material Back when motocross started wearing a helmet was not mandatory, since motocross has become more intense you now have to wear a helmet other wise you will no be able to race Since the sport has gotten more dangerous, they have made lots of different gear to protect you. For example: Neck Brace Knee Brace Kidney Belt HOW IT STARED Motocross started in the 1920s The first event took place in Surrey England in 1924 Throghout the 1930s the motocross track evolved and soon added jumps The word motocross is a mix between motorcycle and cross-country THEN NOW THEN NOW THEN NOW HELMETS JERSEYS CHEST PROTECTORS THEN NOW GOGGLES THEN NOW PANTS SOME THINGS THAT THEY DID NOT HAVE WHEN RACING STARTED... AND MANY MORE BRANDS MOTORCYCLE HONDA In 1946 Soichiro Honda came up with his idea to produce cheap transportation for people after the second world war Honda soon became the top name in motorcycles HONDA BIKES THEN NOW YAMAHA YAMAHA STARTED IN 1955 IT WAS NAMED AFTER TORAKUSU YAMAHA IT BEGAN PRODUCING MOTORCYCLES IN 1954 YAMAHA THEN NOW KAWASAKI KAWASAKI STARTED IN 1953 WHEN THEY FINALLY STARED SELLING MOTORCYCLES THEY ONLY SOLD THEM IN JAPAN ORIGINALLY ONLY MADE ENGINES KAWASAKI BIKES THEN NOW SUZUKI MICHIO SUZUKI FOUNDED THE IDEA IN 1909 IN 1951 THEY STARTED MAKING CLIP ON ENGINES FOR YOUR BICYCLE FINALY IN 1954 SUZUKI CREATED THEIR FIRST MOTORCYCLE SUZUKI THEN NOW SOME THINGS THAT HAVE CHANGED AS THE SPORT OF MOTOCROSS GREW... Wheels started out as smooth road wheels but quickly changed into knobby tiers for better grip In the 1950s they started to add more suspension for example the swing arm this helped absorb forse of high impact When motocross started it was common to race 500cc bikes but now the most common bike is the 250cc but the 250cc bikes now have almost the same power as the 500cc Now dirt bikes are not only used in motocross they are used in lots of different ways now a days! Here are some different ways that people use them RIDING IN THE SAND! NOTICE WHEN THEY RIDE IN THE SAND THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT WHEEL IN THE BACK FOR MORE CONTROL FREESTYLE
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