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Henry Hudson

No description

Wish RHV

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson's voyages was to
go to Asia to find a Northeast passage to Asia, he went from Hudson river to Asia in 1609. When he came back he crossed the Labrador sea . Go to James Bay and back in June 1611.

Seven men were lost at sea Henry Hudson, John Hudson, Arnold Lundlow, Shadach Fanna, Philip Staffe, Thomas Woodhouse, Adam Moore, Henry King and Michael Bute.
Challenges Faced
Henry Hudson was born on September 12 1570 in England UK. He died on June 22 1611. The reason Henry Hudson wanted to explore. Is because he was hired by the Dutch East India company in 1609. He was hired and paid to find a Northeast passage to Asia.
The challenges Henry Hudson faced were death with no food and drinks he faced a condition of not seeing his family anymore. His crew abandoned him, he faced the Britain soldiers and the most important one are the northern passage did not exist.
Interesting facts
Henry Hudson's crew member put him ,his son and some other crew members on a little boat because Henry Hudson never encouraged them to keep researching, and after the harsh winter, they had dangerously short amount of food. This is the seven men were lost at sea.
Method of Travel
His skills are determination, navigation, leadership, a good explorer, mariner, adventurer and craft man.
Henry Hudson's method of travel are horses,foot,boats and ships. The ships he was using are Hopewell,Half Moon and The Discovery.
Impact on exploration
Technology used
The technology Henry Hudson used are bells, compass, map, telescope and ropes ships he used are Hopewell, Half Moon and The Discovery.
Henry Hudson's accomplishment's are finding new lands. That no one ever knew there is in Canada from before and they found it because of Henry Hudson was a good navigator.
This is The End

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