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Inquiry Reseach Project:

For AICE General Paper

Elisabeth Batchelor

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Inquiry Reseach Project:

Group GP Prompt Analysis Project
Prompt #1 AICE GP Pd.7B
Inquiry Research Project:
Women's Issues
Though there has been a history of women who have let emotions, power, and personal life get into the positions in public life, women have been beneficial through their roles, leadership, and innovation thus leading their country more so onto the world stage and making the world a better place. If women never reached the summit of the mountain of being prominent in society as they are now, then where might the world be today?
be more prominent in the public life in your country?
Persuasive and Discursive
women be

in the public life in
In many countries around the world, women hold many positions in their nations ranging from housewife to being the Prime minister of a nation. Today there are more than 22 female presidents/prime ministers world wide. While women may be in public life and preforming extraordinary acts to make society better, there have been times when women have failed their role at leadership positions.

Should women be more prominent in the public life of your country?
Interpret the Terms:
-Widely and favorably known?



-In politics?

"public life"
(C)laim/Student Idea


-outside of the home


Claim/ Student Idea
Concrete Evidence:
Even though women have worked their way up to being more prominent in public life in positive ways, there have been many times when a woman's influence has been detrimental to her society.
Women have the unique maternal skill of having
a special caring touch that men do not
tend to have especially when it comes to the medical field.
Clara Barton was nurse in the American Civil War. She helped wounded soldiers, search for missing soldiers and founded the American Red Cross
Not just in the U.S., but countries across the world have women who have done ground breaking effects on the medical field.
Florence Nightingale, a British nurse during the Crimean War, wrote about how to improve conditions for health care which sparked world wide health care reforms. She established Saint Thomas Hospital and Nightingale training school for nurses.
Dr. Virgina Apgar (Above).
She created the Apgar score; a method to summarize the health of a newborn child.
Women have a positive effect on my country by...
Helen Mayo helped with decrease South Australia's infant death rate. She founded the Mothers and Babies Health Association.
"50 women who shaped America's health" article
"Women had significantly higher scores in terms of compliance with practice guidelines... "They were more likely than men to prescribe recommended medications and to plan required examinations" -- Time Magazine
Should women be more prominent in the public life of your country?
Even though women can be very beneficial in the public life of a country, there can be some issues that come about...
Claim/Student Idea
In political affairs, a woman can get an attitude that they are always right, that can get the best of her when it comes to making serious decisions.
Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to become Prime Minster in Great Britain. She cut social welfare programs, reduced trade union power, and working with other international leaders to put an end to the USSR. With hard polices and being stuck on her ways, she became known the Iron Lady. She is considered to have been one of the most influential women in Great Britain.
Should women be more prominent
in the public life of your country?
At times women with power tend to do things for their own good and and let their feelings take control of the situation.
Queen Mary I of England also, known as Bloody Mary, killed 284 Protestants during her five year rule. Because of her feelings toward the Protestants she allowed the executions and persecutions of Protestants. She was a Catholic who did not favor protestants at all.
Maxine Waters a member of Congress, representing California, got caught funneling millions of dollars toward companies. She has been before the House Ethics Committee numerous times and has been charged for her crimes. This shows that at times a woman will go for personal needs instead of doing what's best for the nation.
"Marie Curie was a chemist who lived in France in the early 20th century. She saved many lives, including American soldiers, during WWI by transporting portable X-ray machines to doctors all over the front."- The Huffington Post.

Without Marie Curies contribution to the study of radiation and developing the X-ray, millions today would not have lived longer than they do now.

On September 11, 2012 the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked and four Americans including the ambassador were murdered. This attacked happened under the leadership of then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. During the hearings as to whether she was responsible for not providing enough security when security was requested, Mrs. Clinton exclaimed "...Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they'd they go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?" Many view this statement as attitude to something that threatened American security, and causes people to question her character.
When women let their feelings take control of the situation, judgement calls are often times detrimental towards others but favor themselves.
"In the months leading up to September 11, 2012, security in Benghazi was not recognized and implemented as a "shared responsibility' in Washington, resulting in stove-piped discussions and decisions on policy and security. Key decisions ... or non-decisions in Washington, such as the failure to establish standards for Benghazi and to meet them, or the lack of a cohesive staffing plan, essentially set up Benghazi." That's failure at the very top (Hilary Clinton). It's not in Libya. It's not even in Africa. It's in "Washington."
-Accountability Review Board Report on Benghazi Attack
Should women be more prominent in the public life of your country?
Women have a different look, vision, and perspective on thus giving new ideas.
Claim/ Student connection
Women have different minds, out looks on life, and judgement calls than men do which can cause women to be ideal for the leadership needed.
"...they found that women out-scored men in all but one of the 16 competencies, and in 12 of the 16, the women were better by a significant margin... And though there were more males in the study, the women were seen as better leaders at every level..."
- A research study on 7,280 leaders in 2011
Recycled Prompts:
Assess the discrimination you might take when choosing a career considering issues as age, sex, and background.
Assess the influence of the globe on the family unit in your society
Parents should not be allowed to select their childs gender.' To what extent would you agree?

10 Most Evil Women in The History
Women Make Better Doctors Than Men | TIME.com
50 Women Who Shaped America's Health
The Huffington Post
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