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The Taming of the Shrew

No description

Emily Ladig

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew By: Emily Ladig and Jake Sandweiss Importance of Setting Takes place in Padua
Sometime during the Italian Renaissance
2 major places where events take place: house
in countryside, and home of Baptista
Setting is significant because the moral of the
story can be found in almost any setting, whether
it's the countryside or the home of Baptista.
Characters Katherine Daughter of Baptista
The "shrew" of the play
On the outside, has a large temper
Refuses marriage, and is rude to her suitors
On the inside, she is insecure and jealous
of her sister Bianca. Petruchio Comes to Padua to find a rich wife.
Quick witted, and frequently drunk.
Was warned of Katherine's shrew personality, but that didn't stop him from marrying her and successfully taming her. Bianca Younger daughter of Baptista
Many suitors want to marry her
Her sweet personality is a foil to her
older and high tempered sister Katherine.

Baptista Father of Katherine and Bianca
One of the weathiest men in Padua
Wants his daughters to marry wealthy men
Forces his older daughter (Katherine) to get married, before his younger daughter (Bianca)

Comes to Padua to study, but falls
in love at first sight with Bianca.
Disguises himself as a tutor for Bianca,
and wins her love.
His disguise is revealed when his father
visits Padua.

How wealth influences marriage Marriage in taming of the shrew is based off
who has more money. Baptista is concerned about giving his daughters a good life, so he chooses the suitor with the most amount of money. Baptista must see that Lucentio is rich
before he considers him a possible suitor for his
daugher Katherine. The only reason Petruchio is interested in marring
Katherine is because she comes from a wealthy family Social Roles
Social roles are based on wealth, age, class etc. Because Kate does not live up to the role she
should fufill, she faces disapproval from society
Baptista was only considering suitors that had
prominent positions in society.
Motifs Disguise Disguise is used to change social roles,
but one cannot truly be changed by altering
your outer appearence. Lucentio disguises himself as a tutor to win the
love of Bianca. Tranio disguises himself as Lucentio A merchant is disguised as Lucentio's father,
(Vincentio). Domestication/ Taming Petruchio tames Katherine to become the ideal woman He tames her as if he was taming an animal Petruchio humiliates Katherine by showing up to their wedding in rags.
He starves Katherine because he claims the food is "not good enough"
Eventually tames Katherine to be obedient in the end. Flashbacks The Taming of the Shrew does not have
many examples of flashbacks.
At the end when it is proved that Katherine is tamed, the other
husbands thinks about how she used to be a shrew. Irony At the beginning of the play, Katherine is seen
as a shrew. At the end, when Petruchio places wagers
that his wife is the most obedient. The others place money
that thier wives will come the fastest. Irony takes place
when it is Katherine who is most obedient to her husband,
because it is proved that she has been tamed. Climax The wedding scene where Petruchio comes
late, dresses in rags, and makes a fool of

This shows the nature of Petruchio because he
is treating Kathering like this in order to tame her. Resolution At the end when Katherine is successfully
tamed, and Petruchio has an obedient wife.
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