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George Ohr- Mad Potter of Biloxi

A slide of Mr. Ohr's pottery and how it all started

shalisha mosley

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of George Ohr- Mad Potter of Biloxi

Mad Potter of Biloxi George Ohr, mischievous mad potter of Biloxi, was born in Biloxi in 1857. At age 22, a friend invited him to New Orleans to learn to be a potter. He took to the potter's wheel "like a wild duck in water," he said. He built his own pottery shop next to his father's home. He also built his own wheel and kiln. George dug for his clay in the muddy Tchoutacabouffa river and loaded it on a barge to float back home. Beautiful Workmanship George made pitchers whose open tops looked like yawning mouths. He made slim vases with twisted handles. He shaped bowls into beautiful shapes, the crumpled them. Ohr fired his creations into wild colors and hues. George dubbed himself George Ohr, M.D (mud dauber) to up his self promo. Sadly he was ahead of his time. Some said his works displayed an utter lack of "good proportion, of grace, and of dignity." When actually complemented, it was for his colors, not his forms. In a fit of anger, he once buried all his treasures deep in the woods like a pirate. It's believed that they are still hidden somewhere in the back bay. Ohr's Reputation The End Sometimes we're misunderstood just like Mr. Ohr. Be patient. Let time pass. People just need time, Just as In George's situation. Devilish Details Ohr was always known for his bright, loud colors. It all started at 2 A.M. on October 12, 1894. A blaze was spreading downtown, and finally raged through George's shop. The fire gave his creations some very outstanding colors. George emerged from the tragedy determined to make pottery as unique as him. The Story Begins
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