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The Benefits of Clog Dancing

No description

Sophia Calhoun

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of The Benefits of Clog Dancing

The Benefits of Clog Dancing Graduation Project 2012
Sophia Calhoun "This is hard!"
"They are DEFINITELY watching me!"
"...I'll never look that good" Do I HAVE to go the gym??? My Research: My product was a promotional video. Through footage of my fellow dancers I displayed the three major topics that I researched. My Mentor.... Why did I pick this topic? Even though clog dancing is an older form of dance, everyone should know it is an effective option for improving your overall health! My research focused on the background of clog dancing as well as the physical, emotional, and social benefits it has to offer Physical Benefits - Majority of muscles utilized Emotional Benefits - Stress relief Social Benefits - Interacting with new people - Can progress over time - Aid in healing physical ailments - Can raise self-esteem - Involvement in the community My Product Step 1:
Filming During weekly rehearsals, live footage was taken of the dancers. Step 2:
Snapshots Still snapshots were taken of the dancers and myself during rehearsals. Step 3:
Filming...take two Original footage was retaken after being displayed on television. Additional footage of myself was also taken in order to transform live footage into promotional video. Step 4:
Editing All footage was compiled on my computer and edited into final copy. Snapshots were also developed and put into a photo journal to show overall process. Mrs. Mitzi Summerlin Mitzi is my dance instructor and owner of Rhythm Masters Clogging Company. She was gracious enough to allow me to use rehearsals for my filming time at a very crucial part of the competition year. Problems...problems.....and MORE problems! Camcorder vs. Laptop The software needed to connect the camcorder I had captured all of my footage and snapshots on, was incompatible with my computer. Successes and Failures I believe that I successfully proved my points in my research paper through a professional promotional video. However, I feel like the quality of my pictures and video should have been better. What I learned from the Graduation Project - Organization is a MUST! - Don't be afraid to ask for help! - Keep on track! What I learned about myself! -I can handle pressure - I have excellent potential - I am creative Thank you for your time! Thesis: For those who denounce traditional forms of structured exercise, clogging should be used as an alternative method of physical activity due to its physical, social, and emotional benefits. Background Information - Well-known for it's distinct sound - Location/time period/origins -Modernizing -I was right!!! Works Cited
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Summerlin, Mitzi. Personal interview. 19 Sept. 2012.
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