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N5 Vocal Music Topic

No description

C Robertson

on 11 August 2017

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Transcript of N5 Vocal Music Topic

Vocal Music Topic
Learning Intention: To recognise different musical styles.

Task: Listen to two different pieces of music. In groups comment on how they are different.

Musical Styles
Musicals Recap
Opera Recap
Concept List
The Voices
Learning Intentions:

1) Recap and identify the 4 main vocal ranges.
2) Learn and identify two new vocal ranges.

Task 1:
Name the four vocal ranges you know already and identify from clips your teacher will play.
Jazz singers often improvise when they sing. This is called
Scat Singing
The Voices
Highest Female Voice - Soprano

Middle Female Voice - Mezzo Soprano

Lowest Female Voice - Alto

Highest Male Voice - Tenor

Middle Male Voice - Baritone

Lowest Male Voice - Bass
Musical Styles
Opera and Musical Recap
Now Listen to the famous singer Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and answer the following questions:

1. What type of voice do you think she has?

2. What is this song from?
Musical Features Excerpt 1 Excerpt 2

Language used:

Instruments used:
Excerpt 1 is from a(n)

Excerpt 2 is from a(n)
Musical Features Excerpt 1 Excerpt 2

Language used:

Instruments used:
Excerpt 1 is from a(n)

Excerpt 2 is from a(n)
Violin, Viola,
Cello, Double Bass, Harp, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe etc.
Drum kit, electric guitar, piano, trumpet, strings (violin etc), Bass Guitar
a musical is a story put to music in English which is accompanied by an orchestra.
N5 New Concepts!

Aria -
An aria is a solo song from a musical or opera usually accompanied by an orchestra .

Chorus -
is the section where the full choir sings together. Listen and watch the famous chorus from the film 'West Side Story' called 'America'.

Opera is a story put to music sung in Italian accompanied by an orchestra.
This excerpt is from the opera 'Euridice'.

Is this an example of an ARIA or a CHORUS?

All singers use different
word settings
when they sing.

The two types of
word settings


- singing one note per syllable

- singing lots of notes per syllable.

A Capella:

Scat singing is when singers use words like Sca ba do dat to improvise a melody.

Jazz Music


Scat Singing





A Capella


Mezzo Soprano






Vocal Music Concepts
A Capella means singing without any accompaniment.
New N5 Concept!
New N5 Concepts!
New N5 Concept!Gospel
Music written with religious lyrics, often in praise or thanksgiving to God. Gospel has its origins in Afro-American culture.

1) Is the solo at the start mainly melismatic or syllabic?
2) What is the solo in the middle an eammple of?
New N5 Concept!
A melody which is sung above the main melody.
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