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Social Networking: Use With Caution

Social networking is a great way to connect with family and friends. It can also be a great way to network for employment. Yet it can also be harmful to your chance of getting and keeping a job if your not careful.

Jenny Buchanan

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Social Networking: Use With Caution

Your Friends
22-year-old North Carolina waitress Ashley Johnson blasted two customers over Facebook for stiffing her on the tip and keeping her late. She also took the time to mention her workplace by name.

She was fired for breaking a rule about disparaging customers.
This picture was enough to cost this teacher her job
Ashley Payne was forced to resign from her teaching job after posting this picture to Facebook. She is currently fighting to get her job back.
Ever heard of 6 Degrees
of Seperation?
In 1960
Stanley Milgram completed an experiment that proved that people are separated by only 6 contacts.
In the Social Media Age
this distance seems
to be shrinking
even more!
In the US on average
Facebook users are
linked by 3 intermediary
Info on Drug
or Alcohol or Drug Use
Poor Communication
Bad Mouthing
former employers or fellow employees
Inaccurate qualifications
Inappropriate photos
or information posted on
candidates page
Unprofessional screen names
Notes showing links
to criminal behavior
Confidential information about past employers
Top Areas of Concerns
by Potential Employers of
Material Found on
Social Networking Sites
While 34% of Employers
Report they have
Chosen not to hire
a candidate based on
what they found on
their profiles . . .
24% of employers
said information on applicants
profiles encouraged
them to hire them.
Join Groups- Selectively
Review your Profile
Look at:
personal information disclosed
personal blogs or sites you are linked to
Be Selective
on who You Friend

Don't befriend:
Your Boss
Don't post about
your boss, co-works, employer,
customers or clients!

Nathalie Blanchard had been living off of disability insurance for depression since 2008. But when Manulife, the Canadian insurance company making the payments, got into her Facebook page, they saw her "relaxing at the beach, hanging out at a Chippendale's-style club, and generally having a lot of fun."

She immediately lost her insurance benefits.
So if the average user
has 130 friends.
And you can see who their friends are and
what they post on your friends page
that is potentially 16,900 people you
could be connected with in a social network.
That is almost double the
number of students enrolled
at Radford University!
Do you think I can connect 2 people within 6 people?
Lets try . . .
AND . . .
But . . . that's my personal time
it shouldn't matter what I do!

Let's think of it this way . . .
Whose logo is this?
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