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Bible Final

No description

Jessica Kong

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Bible Final

History OLD
coming Pentecost (2:1-6) Acts Covenant


problem of sin Restoration God’s overall plan for human history (according to our class): God’s overall plan for human history according to our class "Do this to live"
"Don't do this to die" Demands perfect obedience Written on stone Temporal: send
angels to Earth For Israel Based on Grace,
truth and mercy "Believe and live"
"Don't believe and die" Mercy New Testament Gospel
Apocalypse 2 Corinthians 5:21
"God made him who had no sin to be sin for us,
so that in him we might become the righteousness of God" Redemption; Gen 1 Gen 2 Gen
6-9 Flood Calling of Abraham Gen 12 Exodus
20 Law given (Adam & Eve) Adam & Eve was
tempted by the serpent Sin Based on Law of Moses Condemnation Demands faith
through obedience
Written on hearth For
everyone Eternal: Holy spirit,
Jesus came down to Earth Gen 3 Redemption Fall Redemptive Theme Creation

Genesis 1:27
So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them. Through this project... HOW DID JESUS FULFILL THE OLD COVENANT ? Characteristics of God: God's been revealed Old covenant demonstrates how there should be a sacrifice for sin.
Jesus fulfilled this by being the sacrifice as he died on the cross for our sin.

Old covenant was God's relationship with his people through tabernacle and temple. By coming down to the earth, Jesus fulfilled this through his death and resurrection. Redemption is the act of buying something back,
or paying a price to return something to your possession.

By Jesus sacrificial death, He paid for our redemption. Restore our relationship with God NEW
TESTAMENT Birth of Jesus Christ
Death of Jesus Christ
Resurrection Gospels Justice Holiness Goodness Personal
Application Andrew: Jessica: Nation of Israel Leviticus Deuter-
onomy Joshua Summary Through the redemptive history we can see how God is paying his price for his plan to work out. Having his only Son-Jesus-take the punishment for our sins, and in his death our sins could be forgiven so we can reunite with God in his kingdom after death.

In order to avail ourselves of this great salvation and be rescued out of eternal death we have to believe on the Christ. Redemptive history has answered my questions about the purpose of all the events Bible hold. Before this I still had some confusion with the Bible and God's purpose of every events in it. Phrase like "Jesus died for us" was not clear to understand but now I see how this is also part of His plan for redemption. He uses all this events to get us ready for his perfect kingdom to come. It's quite amazing to see how the stories in the Bible connects together even though they were written by different people and different period. What it means to be a Christian and a part of God's plan for the world? Second Coming Shepherd Protector Mentor Eternal Kingdom Matthew Mark Luke John Jesus Returns -Whore of Babylon
-Second Coming of Jesus Christ Revelation God created the world for His glory and because He desired to share His life with others. And because he love us, God decide to give us freedom and choice although he knew we will cause problem. So in defense God prepared and accomplished plans for His people to bring back the broken relationship and his perfect kingdom. New Heaven
and Earth

Perfect Kingdom Numbers Sin Judgement Cry out Salvation
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