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The Running Dream

No description

makenzie melvin

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of The Running Dream

16-year old Jessica's life is all about running. But one day, a terrible accident occurs that causes Jessica to lose a leg. . She can't walk, let alone run. Her best friend, Fiona Bartlett, helps her throughout the experience to help her get back on her feet. Actually, Fiona supports Jessica by having a fundraiser known as "Help Jessica Run". The whole track team gets involves as well as Coach Kyro, the track coach. Eventually, Jessica is seen is many newspapers, prime-time news channels, and all over town. But when Jessica meets a certain girl in her algebra class, Rosa, Jessica learns that she has a diesese. Rosa was always "overlooked". But since Rosa is helping Jessica in algebra, Jessica is determined to help do a favor in return. she runs her in the annual 10 mile race.
The Running Dream
wendelin van Draanen

1) Jessica Carlisle
2)Fiona Bartlett
3)Coach Kyro
4)Rosa Brazzi
5)Gavin Vance
6)Track team
This book would be a ten if i was to rate it. Its introduction is hooking. I would recomend it to other readers becaouse jessica seems to be a caring person who wants not only herself but others to be happy to.
Wendelin Van Drannen published her first book in 1997. she is daughter of chemists who emigrated to the U.S. from Holland. She was a high school math and science teacher before writing became her career. She lives in California with her husband Mark and thier two sons, Colton and Connor.
About the author
Theme one: To keep pushing and keep going no matter what comes your way.

Theme two: See peaple for them not thier apperance or disablitiy


The book



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