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Back to the Future

No description

Asma Albadani

on 3 January 2015

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Transcript of Back to the Future

In the year 1985, normal teenager Marty McFly is accidentally sent back in time to the year 1955 by his scientist friend Doc Brown in a DeLorean time machine. He must find Doc and warn him of what is yet to come. On his way, he meets the young version of his parents, George & Lorraine. Marty finds that his father is a coward and his mother has her eyes set on someone else, him! He must make sure that George & Lorraine fall in love, so that Marty and his siblings exist in the future (1985).
Symbolic Archetypes
Characters Archetypes
Biff: The Bully
Back to the Future
Doc. Brown and Marty
Symbolic Archetypes
Red: Excitement/Anger
Marty is always excited for adventure which is why he wears the red "life-preserver" (vest)
Biff is full of anger and in the past is wearing a red shirt.
White: creative force/wisdom
Doc. usually is dress in all white
He creates and inspires creativity
Black: Lack of excitement, Hardship, The Unknown
When the characters are being attacked.
When the future is questionable.

Situation Archetype
Occurs when the Hero's journey is coming to an end
Light cuts through darkness - sign of good coming from the hardship
It is the passageway between the two worlds
The importance of timing/punctuality
Time's influence on a characters personality
(George's personality after standing up to Biff)


Marty is accidentally sent to the past after Doc is killed by Libyans. While there he finds Doc. and tries to get back home and save him, but unintentionally ruins his parents' relationship putting his existence in danger. So he tries to save Doc, his parents, and get back home.
Good v. Evil:

Biff (The Bully) and The McFlys. Marty must make sure that George stands up to Biff and allows Lorraine to give him a chance. Biff constantly stands in the way of their destiny.
Magic Weapon:

The DeLorean enables Marty to go back in time and attend his journey.
Father-Son Conflict:
In the beginning of the movie, Marty dislikes his father's cowardliness and doesn't look up to him. Marty and George are awkward at first because Lorraine fancies Marty, but then Marty shows he has no interest in Lorraine and that he will help George get her attention.
Light v. Dark:
In scenes of a questionable future light cuts through as a sign of hope. (Lorraine and George) (Doc/Marty/lightning)
Haven v. Wilderness:
When Marty lands in 1955, he is lost and his life is threatened by people who think he is an alien, but finds a safe haven at his mother's home in the past.
Doc. Brown: Mad Scientist & Mentor
Doctor Emmett Brown, aka, Doc is the mad scientist and mentor of this movie. He built a time machine out of a DeLorean. Doc is always there when Marty needs him. No matter what time it is.
-substitute father figure
-encourages Marty's innovative/ creative side
George McFly: Nerd/Coward
George McFly is your average spineless nerd. He is bullied and picked on and never stands up for himself. That is until Marty comes along.
Marty is the savior. He saves Doc's life, his parent's, his siblings and himself. Marty helps the other characters develop.
Biff bullies George McFly and oppresses anyone in his way including Marty and Lorraine.
Marty McFly: The Hero

Lorraine: The Damsel in Distress/The Lover
Lorraine is the love interest . She is a victim of Biff and the subject of George's affection. She is Marty's mother from the past.
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