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Megalodon shark

No description

Logan Sarabia

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Megalodon shark

Megalodon shark
What I find interesting.
Characteristics that helped the megalodon survive.
How did the megalodon kill its prey?
Why I chose this species
Scientific Name
Time of life
What climate did it live in?
Food of the megalodon
What did the megalodon look like.
Carcharodon megalodon
I like studying the shark species and the megalodon was one of the oldest and biggest preditors of its time.
The megalodon was the top top preditor of the ancient oceans.
There is a myth that they still are alive but no one really knows.
The megalodon has a 7 inch long teeth that when the pierce the skin of its prey it will tear away a piece of flesh with ease.
Through the study of its jaw and teeth the estimated size of the megalodon is about 60-80ft long.
The megalodon lived from 20-2 million years ago during the ancient time of the oceans.
The megalodon thrived when the ice age was over and most the planet was flooded and the whale population has grown.
The megalodon fed on many animals that may include dolphins, giant whales, giant turtles and possible the the giant whale Leviathan.
The megalodon is believed to rip the fins off the whales then let it drown before it eats it.
The megalodon lived in cold water during the Miocene and Pliocene age when the giant whales showed up as a main food source.
Carcharais megalodon
The megalodon has 46 teeth in the front row and 6 rows on both top and bottom jaws which adds up to 276 teeth that are 7 inches long.
The megalodon is 60 feet long and weighs 77 tons.
It mostly looks like a giant great white.
The megalodon had to eat 2,500 pounds of food every day to survive.
Long serrated teeth that can rip off tough cartilage which allows it to kill whales with ease.
cold blood which helps it survive in freezing cold water during the ice age.
Its big size allows it to scare off preditors and have a huge diet to feed on.
Cause of extinction
During the rapid climate change of the ice age the number of large whale decreased and as a fight to survive the megalodons killed each other for food and then ended the species.
Decendents of the megalodon
Great white
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