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Inside Sales & Operations Prezi

No description

Sales Operations

on 16 February 2012

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Transcript of Inside Sales & Operations Prezi

AE and SE develop an information gathering plan that will include all relevant members of the sales team (including ArcSight Executive Sponsor) to: 1. Quantify the value proposition for the prospect and: 2. Design a differentiated ArcSight Solution. This means discovering not just the business problems and objectives, but also personal agendas, competitors, external influences, partner preferences, and any other compelling rationale to answer the question: "Why buy now?"

Quantitative data to develop a business value proposition
Understanding of the business and personal agendas of all decision makers and influencers
Internal champions identified
Confirmation with customer of key participants in subsequent meetings
Close plan Stages Name Quarter Status Close Date Amount 0 1 1a 2 3 4 5 6 7a 7b 7c 8 9a 7 9 ArcSight Target Account (Idle) Information Gathering Inside Sales- "Hands-off" (ADR only) Seeking Executive Sponsorship Solution Definition Solution Delivery Trial Competition Eliminated Negotiation Procurement Process Identified Signatory Identified PO/MLA Date Identified Closed-Won Closed-Lost (Deal is lost to a competitor) Closed-No Decision (lost funds/cancelled) Suspect Suspect Suspect Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline, Upside Pipeline, Expected Pipeline, Expected, Commit Expected, Commit Expected, Commit Expected, Commit Expected, Commit Closed Closed Closed 1/1/2015 1/1/2015 1/1/2015 w/in 12 mo. w/in 12 mo. w/in 6 mo. w/in 3 mo. w/in 3 mo. w/in 2 mo. w/in 45 days w/in 30 days w/in 15 days Booking date Date lost Date lost $0 $0 $0 Avg. deal size Forecast w/ manual add products Forecast w/ manual add products Sync'd Configured Quote Sync'd Configured Quote Sync'd Configured Quote Sync'd Configured Quote Sync'd Configured Quote Sync'd Configured Quote Final Amount Current Amount Current Amount As soon as your prospecting activities lead to a "feeling" that you have found a potential deal that could close in the following 12 months, your opportunity becomes a "2." It is while in this step that the AE identifies and secures an Executive Sponsor within the account. Your Executive Sponsor has the authority to drive their buying process and align it with the ArcSight Structured Sales Process. AE reinforces customer expectations through preliminary value proposition discussions.

Amount, close date and forecast category need to be updated to the best of your ability. Stage 2 is the first "active" outside selling step and will show up on various pipelines and forecast reports.

The executive sponsor is identified; confirms and agrees to the ArcSight sales process
Articulation of compelling event(s)
SE resources allocated
Confirmation of the optimal sequence of events and timeline 2- Seeking Executive Sponsorship Forecasting Requirements Outcomes 3 - Solution Definition Outcomes Lars Nilsson
VP of Field Operations
HP-ArcSight $33,193,000,000 OneSource selects premier content providers, collects relevant information, and normalizes data into one consistent, easily consumable source of business information.

OneSource Account Intelligence application for Salesforce.com allows for easy data uploads and updates directly within the CRM system.

Searches can be based on multiple criteria to return specific results. Using Hoovers Sales Ops build lists of companies based on: revenue, industry, location, etc. Lists of “target” companies are imported into Salesforce.com for inside/field sales to prospect into Once the data is in Salesforce.com Hoovers is used to maintain accurate account data Contacts are downloaded into Salesforce.com and a mass email is sent Jigsaw user community adds contacts to the database in return for points ADR team purchases new contacts for ArcSight’s target prospect accounts Functionality out of one CRM System Account Development Installed Base Sales Telesales Renewals Decision Support/Analysis Sales Training/Effectiveness Field Operations Sales Operations Inside Sales "A Day in the Life" Structured Sales Process The Ecosystem Focus entirely on Add-On Business Training
Professional Services
Small add-on product deals Allows for field reps. to focus on larger deals focus entirely on maintenance/renewals for existing customers heavy usage of SFDC tasks to maintain visibility Baton Zone Deals Support Team with ad hoc Reports/Analysis
Build out Dashboards/Reports Territory Alignment
Comp./Quota planning
Budget planning Non-SFDC related metrics Deals $60-$80K allow for double comp.
promotes synergy between Field and IBS Reps. SFDC Administration Coordination of New Hire Training
Manage and build out SalesForce Resource Library
Promote Chatter adoption
Build out offline sales enablement tools
Sell low cost, entry level products to Net New SMB customers
Short sales cycles
Leverage WebEx and Phone to maintain low cost

Focus on pipeline building
Allow sales reps. to focus on closing deals
Activity based compensation model

Eloqua lead scoring Next Steps:
MI/QL Call Date:
Sales Rep:
Lead Originated From:

Annual Revenue:


1) Motivation: Give me an understanding about the prospects motivation and business pain that you would consider to be the drivers for this lead.

2) Environment: Give me an overview of your environment (Technical Ecosystem).
-How many devices?
-What types of devices?
- How many locations?
-What Compliance Solutions are you interested in?

3) Current Situation: Help me understand the likes and dislikes of your current situation.

-How did you hear about ArcSight?
-Have you ever worked with HP and if so, could you describe your relationship? ie) What HP products do you currently utilize?
- Fortify: What types of application security testing are you conducting?
Who owns application security within your organization?
-TippingPoint: What are you doing to scan your network traffic for malicious attacks? (IPS)

4) Decision Making Process: Describe the steps to your decision making process.

5) Budget: How will this project get funded?

-Problem vs. Cost?
-Ever have budget pulled?

6) Executive Sponsorship: Who is the executive sponsor (Name and title) for this project (whose signature is needed to have a deal finalized)?

7) Competition: Tell me about the different options that you might be considering. Have you had any meetings or demos yet?

8) Partners: What Partners and Resellers do you have relationships with?

9) Time Frame: If you are going to sketch out a timeline from today to implementation, what would that look like?

-Web Demo/ Onsite?
-Project Completion or P.O.?
-Any foreseeable obstacles?

Sales Technology Stage 0-1a Stage 8-9 Stage 2-7 Leverage SFDC App Exchange Support all integrated Apps Task Management Validation Rules & Alerts Workflow/approvals Field Creation
Validation Rules
Email Alerts
SalesForce.com maintenance Email Alerts
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