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Football Helmet

No description

Donovan Everett

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Football Helmet

Football Helmet Purpose The purpose of a football, is to protect a players head. Who Invented the Football
Helmet How it was Used It was originally invented to protect his head, it is
used for the same purpose today. Innovations Some of the innovations are using plastic instead
of leather and adding face masks. Areas of Technology A football helmet would be put under information
and communication, bio-related and agricultural,
medical, and production. How has it Impacted Society It has impacted society in a positive way, because it has prevented concussions. It has also impacted society in a negative way because players think they can't get hurt
so, they hit harder. Science Technology Engineering Math

How they Coaches can The design of How big
test the monitor hits from the helmet. the helmet
helmets. the sidelines. is. Quote James Naismith invented the football
helmet in 1891. By: Donovan Everett A football helmet gives you an awful lot of protection, ... but you don't have to be a doctor or an engineer or even a football player to realize that the helmet does not block out all the measured force produced when some 300-pound player with a hand the size of a Christmas ham whacks you in the head dozens of times a game, season after season.”
Cyril Wecht
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