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Poverty in India

No description

Meep Face

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of Poverty in India

The Britishers started lopsided development in India and reduced Indian economy to a colonial state. They exploited the natural resources to suit their interests and weaken the industrial base of Indian economy.
Impacts of Poverty on India
Poverty affecting the world
Article by: Riane Burton & Amal Gupta
World Cultures
When did Poverty Begin
Causes of Poverty in India
How does Poverty affect the Government?
Where else is Poverty?
5 interesting facts about poverty
People have understood the impacts of poverty and have made many organization improving the health and education of many people in and born into poverty. One of these main organizations is UNICEF. UNICEF is helping children all over the world by improving their education, healthcare, protection, and social inclusion. Another organization is World Vision India, helping people in India who have less opportunities because of poverty.
Women in general are the most disadvantaged people in Indian society. Women are particularly vulnerable to the spread of HIV/AIDS from urban to rural areas. In 2005 an estimated 5.7 million men, women and children in India were living with HIV/AIDS. Poverty has widely affected citizens of India because of the many relatives and family members that have died from hunger, HIV/AIDS, and unsanitary food and water. Poverty torments and takes lives of citizens every day, but charities like UNICEF and World Vision India help make conditions more bearable.
The indian government has responded by making organization and have also made several programs to eliminate poverty including sending food, supplies, other necessities to help poverty. The period
India used to be a rich country, but when the British came and took over in the early 1700s, they stripped India of their resources and their riches and treated the citizens however it suited them. British left India in a devastating condition. There were hardly any industry except for cotton and jute textile and a tiny steel plant. There was no electricity except for the major cities. Only 15 percent of the people were educated. Millions of people were killed in riots during the partition of India and at least 16 million people came to India from Pakistan, created by the British, as destitute refugees. Poverty in India was a nightmare.
Poverty affects the economy because taxes must be used to pay for those who live on or under the poverty line. These people are dependent on welfare checks and often have a difficult time breaking the poverty cycle over generations.
There are over 25 million orphans in India.
How have people tried to solve this problem?
What does poverty do to citizens every day?
Poverty is not contained just in India...
Poverty in India
Poverty affects India immensely, but it also affects other places like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Niger, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Haiti. All of these places, except Afghanistan, are in Africa. Africa has more than half their population living on less than $2 a day.
How does the government respond to the crisis?
How does Poverty affect the Citizens of India?
How does Poverty impact the Economy
What other Problems does Poverty Cause
Severe health problems at early ages
What problems has poverty led to?
Organizations Helping People in Poverty
UNICEF and World Visions India are just a few out of the hundreds of organizations trying to help the hundreds or thousands in poverty. Other names of organizations helping people are...
Kiva- Connects people through donating for the sake of lessening poverty
Oxfam- Confederations of 13 organizations with allies around the world to influence the powerful that the poor can improve their lives
How and Why is Poverty a Global Concern?
Its a concern because children are dying and starving. Over 10.6 million die under the age of 5 because of poverty. Children our the future of our world and we need them. According to the UNICEF 25,000 children die each day to poverty. People are also catching diseases like HIV or AIDS. An estimate of 40 million people die from HIV/AIDS.
Rapidly Rising Population:
The population during the last 45 years has increased at the rate of 2.2% each year. On average 17 million people are added every year to its population which raises the demand for consumption goods considerably.
Price Rise:
The continuous and steep price rise has added to the miseries of poor. It has benefited a few people in the society and the persons in lower income group find it difficult to get their minimum needs.
The continuously expanding army of unemployed is another cause of poverty. The job seeker is increasing in number at a higher rate than the expansion in employment opportunities.
5,000 children under the age of 5 die every day in India due to preventable causes.
27.5% of Indians live below the poverty line
One child dies of hunger-related causes every five seconds, taking a toll on 16,000 poor hungry children each day.
Children who are poorly nourished suffer up to 160 days of illness each year. Poor nutrition plays a role in at least half of the 10.9 million child deaths each year - five million deaths.
Many infants born into poverty are under weight which is associated with many mental and physical disabilities
Children raised in poverty have a much higher rate of accidents than other children.
Children raised in poverty have a lack of education and limited access to healthcare causing bad health and low life expectancy.
A Solution to Poverty
Technology has made the generation more greedy, ignorant, and lazy. Technology seems to have a negative influence on them . Some technology has helped humans like the lightning rod, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.
How has human environment interaction impacted a society and region (city/country/location)? When referring to HEI, in what ways has technological discoveries and innovations affected the past, present, and future of the region, and the world?







Carefully planned employment programs funded by the government can increase the amount of jobs available to those in poverty. Focus should be placed on developing companies that offer long-term jobs to the unemployed. The companies should make alternative energy sources because of the high percentage of pollution already in India. Making alternative energy sources will make more jobs, and India's economy will most likely slowly thrive.
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