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Teri M cell resp


Teri Mitton

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Teri M cell resp

Cell Respiration
Required Products
How they enter the cell.
Food is broken down releasing
sugar into the blood stream.
Sugar enters the cells through
protein channels with a
chemical signal insulin
This is an Active
Transport process
Once the sugar enters the
cell if it is not already broken
down to glucose the l
ysosomes break it down.
When glucose enters the cell
it is broken down by Glycolysis
O2 enters the cell
through diffusion
O2 then enters the Mitochondria and binds to H+ as it goes through the Electron Transport Chain
When O2 binds to H+ it becomes H2O
Citric Acid Cycle or
Krebs Cycle
Electron Transport Chain
Review of the entire Process
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