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After Gaming: Ideas for teen programming

No description

Friendswood Library

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of After Gaming: Ideas for teen programming

Button Making
One of the most popular programs ever! Our favorite is the 1" from www.americanbuttonmachines.com
After Gaming: Ideas for teen programming

You know all about gaming as teen programming, but what else is out there for this hard to reach age group?

Today we'll look at innovative ideas and partnerships that can help librarians identify and implement new programming to serve youth.

Passive Programming
Programs you can set up and leave!
Small Programs
Perfect for an hour long, week day program
Big Programs
Attract the larger crowds with these programs!
Advertising and Promoting
Need more information?

Michelle Beebower, Austin Public Library micbeeb@gmail.com
Christina Hicks, Friendswood Public Library librariansti@gmail.com

March Madness
Taking a page from the frenzy of NCAA college basketball, each year in March I host a YA book themed March Madness event. Genres, books, and characters are pitted against each and teens vote for their favorites to see who advances to the next round!
Post-It Note Art Gallery
Provide stacks of post-it notes, markers and a display area.
Let teens' inner artist emerge!
Shrinky Dinks
Food Programs
We all know food is a great incentive for teens to attend library programs. Food can also appeal to their crafty nature and their sense of competition. Cheap foodstuffs like Ramen and food coloring or a box of saltines can make for a fun and affordable program for most budgets!
Scavenger Hunts
Obstacle Courses
Challenge teens with silly feats of agility or team them up to complete a scavenger hunt race!
Pom Pom Letters
Everyone has that book that they love to read that they don’t want anyone else to know about… so I made a bulletin board where teens can anonymously post their secret reads! Don’t have a self-check machine? Call it Guilty Pleasures instead!
Self-Check Confessions
Make a teen lit themed quiz- that’s part scavenger hunt/part questions they already know about their favorite books. If they get all of the questions right, they can get a free book, bookmark or button!
Teen Quiz
The Real Fauxtographer (Margot Wood) creates photos based on her favorite scenes from teen books. Have teens guess what books the pictures are based on and then maybe they will create their own!
It Came From a Book
Lego Challenges
Lego Lab
Lego Stop-Motion Animation
Lego NXT Robots
Screen Printing
To create a “screen” that they can use multiple times, teens will trace their design (or whatever you’ve printed out) onto sheer fabric using a sharpie marker and an embroidery hoop. After you’ve traced your image, you paint modge podge over the negative space around your drawing. After that dries, you can roll paint over your silk screen onto your t-shirt. Wash and dry the sheer fabric to use again and again!
Non-traditional Board Games
- Create-a-Bot Challenge and Robot Walk-off
- Broken Robot Grill & Oiling Station
- Legobots
- Local Robotics Team Demonstration
- Robot Perler Bead Creation
- Robot: Pet or Foe? Book and Media Discussion

- Art & Short Story Contests
- Mini-top Hat Craft
- Fairytale Puppet Creation
- Morph Yourself Into a Beast using the Fantamorph program.
- Mad Hatter Tea Party with Rumpelstiltskin Puppet Show
- Fairy Tale Dating Game Performance

The fan base for anime and manga conventions is extremely large and well connected. This could be your best attended teen program ever!
- End of the World Survival Instruction
- Mini-Survival Kit Craft
- Dead Man’s Cantina Trading Post
- Zombie Make-Up Tutorial
- Live Action Worst Case Scenario
- Survival Skills Station – Knot tying and local edible plant identification
- Survivors Photo Booth
– Zombie Bears

LAN Party
Live Action Clue
Did you know this classic craft can be made using recyclable #6 plastic? Draw or trace an image using a permanent marker and bake 3 minutes at 350F. Use a hole punch before baking so you can make charms!
A really simple craft that involves scrap cardboard, hot glue guns, and pom poms!
24 Hour Harry Potter Lock In
To celebrate the last film release, we hosted a 24 hour long movie marathon and lock in. No small feat!
Adulthood 101
Inspired by a recent flat tire, I've started developing monthly programs that focus on practical things teens need to know when they get to be adults.
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of our favorite show, we're planning a huge party for all ages. There will be food, crafts, games and costume contests.
Remind 101
Designed for teachers, this is a free, easy and safe way to send mass text messages to subscribers reminding them about upcoming programs.
Facebook Groups
This sounds pretty obvious, but it's still a great way to keep in touch with your teens and share things that you think are important or interesting. And I often use the 'ask a question' tool to poll the kids for ideas.
In your library
Around Town
Book Displays are a great way to advertise your program and increase circulation. You can also do displays of crafts you will do and more!
Zombie Bears
Blogging about an event lets you give your customers more information about an event than you can fit in a flyer. You can also build anticipation for your program!
- Cosplay Contest
- Cosplay Chess
- Anime Jeopardy
- Art Contest
- Book Discussion
- Anime Viewings
- Gaming
The Most Successful Promotional Tool
Talk to your library staff! Don't just give them your calendar or the flyers, but personally tell everyone what your program is and what you are doing. If they don't know what's happening , they can't promote for you or answer any questions they may get when you aren't there!
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